To Much heat from lights???

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by tatorjoe, Apr 3, 2001.

  1. I'm getting temps around 90-92 F, I have an older 1000w HPS with new bulb and new 1000W MH. The area is 5 1/2 ft. x 12 feet and 9ft high. I installed an exhaust fan that said it would pull out 120 CFM. I have to run it at all times?? WHY?? I made a fresh air vent and you can hold a lighter 6 inches away and it still gets blown out?? I need some relief? Does anyone have any ideas??
  2. Are your ballists in the grow area??
    where is you intake takeing air from??
    outside air??
    How hot is the outside temp??
    You may need to move more air through the room.I run 1000wts in 12/sq/ft and with a 265cfm fan my heat problem is ok till the outside temp hits the mid 90's
  3. The ballast are in the area up on a shelf about 1ft away from the exaust vent. The intake run is getting air from basically the entire 2ft of space that I have between my fake ceiling tiles and the floor joist. I'll try to explain better. If you are standing in the room I cut a hole down at the bottom corner between 2 floor joist, then I went outside the area and went to the very top of the wall (between the ceiling tiles and joist) and cut another opening for the air to get sucked between the 2 2x4's studs in the wall? The house temps are around 70 -75. Like I said the lighter gets blown out because it's sucking so much air into the room, I was thinking maybe cut a little bit bigger hole on the inside of the are?
    sound like you have the perfect air intake.Its nice and cool under the house
    how big is your air intake hole and exaust hole??
    Is this a closet setup??
    if you can get the ballists out it will help drop the temp
    can you vent the reflector(or is it non encloseable)

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