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TO: Marijuana policy reform advocates

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by RMJL, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. TO: Marijuana policy reform advocates

    FROM: Alexis Baden-Mayer, MPP national field director

    DATE: Thursday, July 10, 2003

    SUBJECT: Senator Durbin says he'll vote against DEA nominee; encourage
    your U.S. senators to do the same


    President Bush's nominee for DEA administrator, Karen Tandy, has
    promised to continue the raids on state-approved medical marijuana
    patients and providers if she is confirmed. Please write to your U.S.
    senators to tell them, "Don't confirm the raids! Don't confirm Karen
    Tandy!" Visit to fax a pre-
    written letter now.

    The Marijuana Policy Project's "Don't Confirm the Raids" campaign is
    gaining momentum. Today, Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Richard
    Durbin (D-IL), and the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee's ranking
    member, Patrick Leahy (D-VT), all spoke out against Tandy's refusal to
    stop the DEA raids on state-approved medical marijuana patients and
    providers. Senator Durbin even said he would vote against Tandy!
    (Please visit to see Tandy's
    answers to Sen. Durbin's questions on medical marijuana, then visit to see a summary of the senators'
    statements from today's committee hearing.)

    The full Senate will vote on Tandy's confirmation as early as next
    week. Visit now. The entire
    process only takes two minutes. After you enter your address, you will
    see links to a selection of sample letters; choose one, edit it if you
    like, and then fax it to your senators with one final click.

    Thank you for helping us show the Senate how strong the movement for
    marijuana policy reform is. The Senate cannot ignore the will of the
    80 percent of Americans who oppose the DEA's raids on medical
    marijuana patients.

  2. It won't let me use my ZIP code, even when I enter XXXXX-XXXX it redirects me to USPS to look up my CORRECT zip.

  3. you 'do' exist ,you do ,you do ,you do...............;)

    Numbers lie.
  4. On a much sadder note ,

    Many of us took part in trying to keep AssCroft from his position ,and it did absolutely nothing.

    It would take probably close to a billion dollars to campaign properly for legalization. And I truthfully do not believe legalization or even decriminalization in America will happen in my lifetime. Perhaps ever.

    90% of the population don't even want to know that their government constantly lies to them and manipulates them.

    Conservatives see you as a liberal ,and liberals see you as something less than human. So goes the two party system.
    So what if there are new ideas ,they just do not fit the system.

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