To many nutes or to little, you decide(because i cant)

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  1. shes about 2.5 weeks into flowering, ive been giving it grow big and just recently switched to tiger bloom, strain is white rhino, using a 150w hps

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  2. I am actually going to vote over-watering, plus just a touch of nute burn, i mean just barely....
  3. why flower so short...... but i also vote for the overwater.......just let her dry up a bit between waterings. though i once had a plant look like that but that is cuz i ran out of nitrogen in my organic mix.... but that was a much larger plant. my opinion is taht if you are going to lose them it is better to lose them short...... it dosent hurt your heart as bad
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    Dam really, i only give it about a cup of water every 4-5 days when it gets bone dry an inch down into the soil. So should i let it get super super like almost dead dry? Also what do you mean why did i flower so short? I am LSTing my plant if thats what your getting confused about.

  5. hmm.. do you have drain holes in the bottom of that container?
  6. did you put two different plants in one pot?
  7. Yea man 4 around the side and two at the bottom of the bucket, im stumped and no one of my seeds was a twin and produced two plants, pretty cool right?
  8. me too.

    let me think and read a bit.
  9. Everything is going to point to the soil at this time.

    Did you recently move them into the larger bucket?

    How long have the bottom ones been yellow? Are new ones turning yellow? If you dont know, go ahead and carefully remove the yellow ones, as they are goners anyhow.

    There is some reason your lower leaves are not receiving proper nutrients or light.

    It also looks like there are either 2 plants or that part of the stem is buried. I have no idea if that could be contributing.

    The good news is, your tops look fine and the damage on the bottom isnt a big deal at 2.5 weeks. We just need to figure out what it is and put a stop to it.

    I would say there is also an outside chance that there is no nitrogen availible in that soil, either by lockout or straight up deficiency. Can you take the PH of your run off?
  10. I haven't transferred it, its been in two gallon buckets all the way. The big fan leaves i plucked because they literally turned piss yellow or as yellow as a banana. Ive been giving it veg nutes till about 3 days ago so i would have enough nitrogen to flower, thats why i was thinking its over nuting. Here are some pics with better lighting.

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  11. Ok, i think i have it, but get other opinions and by all means heed anyone that has another idea that requires action.

    But I am going to say that the instance that caused the yellowing has already happened. If you look closely you see some nice new green coming out where there was some yellow leaves. Whatever happened seems to be resolved, maybe you accidently over watered at some point, idk.

    Then the other problem is that she has a touch of nute burn. Not bad at all, and you have caught it plenty early.

    With that knowledge perhaps a soil guy can tell you how to proceed. I dont think it needs a flush, but idk, I read a lot, and I grow my legal stuff in soil, but my weed is hydro.

    I would remove the yellowing leaves. Continue to water only when dry and then always water until 20% or so comes out the bottom. Whatever nute level you were at, I would tone it down a few notches.

    In addition you need to catch some run off next time you water and check that pH. If its really low it could be locking out nitrogen and other nutes.

    good luck man, I hope that I have helped some or least started the ball rolling. :smoke:
  12. Thanks for actually helping me dude, you have definitely pointed me in the right direction :D
  13. i over watered before and my leaves drooped like they do when they are under watered. i suspect ph imbalance and/or maybe slight nute burn.
  14. u said you switched to tiger bloom...... my guess is you went too hard with it. when i shoot my bitches with tiger or open sesame for the first time i give em virtually none. i've noticed for me at least, that those two r pretty hot and need to be introduced much slower than the rest of the line of nutes. flush em and go easy on the tiger next time u feed.
  15. i agree. i always start out a little weaker than normal with any nutrient. i figure better to under do it than over. i like to see how the plant first responds to it.
  16. Are you PH balancing your water that you are watering with? Those nutes make your water acidic, VERY acidic. A full dose of grow big makes my ph7 water closer to ph of 5!

    So I would say you have\had a PH issue.

    Do you know the PH of your water in? Runoff? Soil?
  17. Thanks for the help everyone, literally right before i made this thread i watered them with tiger bloom, so now i have to wait to flush, in less it gets better on its own in the next 3 days. Also i have some little home ph tester where you put the soil in then add some powder from a pill then fill the thing with water and shake, then you look at what color the water turns, apparently my PH is 6.5 slightly acidic
  18. go to wal-mart or petsmart or something and get some dip strips or the droplets at least man, we're talking like 5 bucks here.

    Need to get a grasp on that pH.

    If you're at 6.5 I think you're in good shape for soil, but like I said, need to test that water going in and coming out.

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