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To lazy to roll a Joint/Blunt

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Novalok, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. What do yall do when your to lazy to roll and dont have a piece???

    This is what i do..


    i love me some cigaweed


    the filter doesnt take out much THC. and being able to smoke on the fly is worth it
  2. I heard you can just take out the filters anyways
  3. I know a dude that put weed between his fingers and he hit it like that.
  4. You can but imo it doesnt look as natural
  5. What makes a cig look like a cig is size and mostly your posture and gesturing with it. You can pull a joint off if you smoke cigs. Some one first and pay attention to any smoking quirks you have, because there's some that most smokers develop that even nonsmokers will que in on subconciously. And rolling a joint is faster and less wasteful than doing that, though the filter isn't the reason for this.

    I personally use a dugout painted like a cig, allows for ultimate lazyness with automatic loading, and ultimate stealth.
  6. Have a piece.... this shouldn't be hard if your 18 cmon man. You can get a nice glass one for under 10 bucks!! don't you have 10 bucks?

    I don't see how you could be too lazy to roll a joint but not so lazy you will take all the tobacco out of a cig and put the weed in there? Do you just put it on the end?
    (sorry for bein a total sore complainer in this post)

  7. it takes me ~ 3 minutes to gut and pack a cig. And i am a smoker too( i love my djarums.)
    The thing is, the only pipes they sell around here arnt really glass its this cheap fucking wannabe glass material that hits like shit and make the weed taste like shit. Our last headshop closed like a year ago and i dont really wanna drive 90ish miles toget to a headshop. * i live in the middle of nowhere *.

    And really cigaweed is awesome for me before fucking college algebra. Bitta tabacco at the base and at the top and pack weed in the middle just the right ammount for a buzz to help me focus :)
  8. lol and he got high? wow...

    to the OP...never 2 LAZY to rolla blut/joint...3 minutes isnt tht long of a time lol...ionno

    but u cn always make a homeade peice...GB,waterfall bong, watever...

  9. Lol homemade is lame. Using plastic or tin foil i dunno. shits not for me. Now cigarette paper on the other hand. I smoke it daily anyways :p

  10. Honestly I don't think that has ever happened to me... Weed is worth the 3 minutes to roll a blunt that will last me 30 mins IMO. When I don't feel like rolling... well I have had a glass spoon since I started smoking so no problem there.
  11. u call tht lazy i think it takes more to fill a empty cigb with weed then it does to roll lol
  12. I cant roll a j for shit and Blunts i have to splice open. pull tabacco out, pack it and then close it. And ima light weight. So a blunt is to much for me. ha
  13. Throw all of your weed into a cooking pot and put it on the stove. Slowly turn the heat up so you begin vaping the weed, and then stick your face right over the top and breathe in.

    Can't get much lazier than that
  14. i just want to point out...that weed looks worse than mexican brick schwag
  15. get a rolling machine and some papers for less than 5

  16. ....when it's ground, everything looks the same.

  17. what he said but the smaller pile is a bit greener.

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