To grind or not to grind

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    Debate, I was told grinding your weed wastes it. I beg to differ, grinding it gives it an even burn.
  2. I don't grind my weed whatsoever. I have tried both but when I have the choice I pack small nugs. I say, sure it may burn more evenly if you grind it,, but I often find that the weed burns a lot after you finish your hit, which I personally don't like because weed cost I can only afford to buy it so often & so I try to conserve as much as possible. When I pack nugs, if one nug is not "close enough" to the other, the cherry dies quicker. I feel that I can take whatever sized hit with bowls like that. It's a lot easier to "start a fire" and just light it a bit more if you want to burn than to have it burn after you're not taking in the smoke and not getting what's burning back. Sorry if this was unnecessarily long, high rambles
  3. If youre going to grind, get one with a kief collector. My grinder has 3 chambers and it works really nice. Personally i like to use my fingers though. I can see how it could "waste your weed" cuz since your causing so much movement the keef falls off, but thats no an issue if you got that kief collector. Brand of my grinder is called SharpEdge. Made of metal, very sturdy, and the magnets work really good so if you drop on accident your weed wont go flying everywhere
  4. sometimes i feel like lighting a nug in a bowl is a little harder than lighting freshly ground buds, but that's my opinion 
  5. Years ago I bought a grinder used it a time or two, stuck it in a drawer and never looked at it again.
    Its just more shit I dont need.
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  6. I just stick the nugs in the bowl and fuckin' smoke 'em.
    But if you like the way ground up weed hits (some people do), go ahead and get yourself a grinder so you don't waste the trichs.
  7. I, personally, use a grinder. I have a 4pc. grinder that I love. I like the smooth, even burn. Besides, any kief that sticks to my grinder, I use ISO alcohol to soak my grinder for a minute, pour the alcohol on a plate and let sit for a few days. Then you're left with some potent shit. :DSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  8. I've never used a grinder before so I can't compare. I would bet that it makes rolling joints and blunts better though.
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    Wow I'm actually quite surprised how little people use a grinder on here .... I haven't met any pothead who doesn't use a grinder regularly .. ... Well to each their own I guess
  10. Grinding is for joints. Grinding doesnt waste weed. Its not like omg where did most of my weed go ? Its still all there. Just dont grind & pack a bowl thats dumb.
  11. Grinding weed makes it burn faster in my experiencesSent from my LG-E970 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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  12. Ever since I got a grinder it seems like it actually saves weed but idk Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  13. Eh.

    It all comes down to preference. Sometimes when I get killer deals from my boy, ill bust out the grinder and roll up some j's and collect the kief in the process.
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    I grind daily,
    Grinding is essential to vaping, as you get more out of your material because smaller particles = more surface area for the material to be dried out via convection. 
    When I smoke though, which isn't that often, I'm just as likely to use a grinder as I am my fingers.
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  15. Go old school w the basic scissors and shot glass
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    I do that , i dont see a problem with it  :confused_2: 
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  17. Grind it up, put it inside a plastic straw, and put that in your microwave for 60 seconds. Everyone in your house will get baked :D
  18. I grind up bud keep that keif and smoke up often.
  19. Nope, not when combusting.  Tbh I like breaking the weed up by hand, so smelly and sticky.  :yummy:
    Def grind when vaping tho.
  20. To me a grinder is just another piece of equipment I'd have to make sure I put away at the end of the night. I'm sure it would end up getting knocked off the coffee and roll under the coach. I probably wouldn't notice until the next day when see my daughter using it at her art table. So nah... I like to just use a pair of scissors. That's an acceptable piece of equipment for a kid to find. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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