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To Grind? Or Not To Grind?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by jakegetsbaked91, May 28, 2013.

  1. That's the question!

    Re-hashing the old question. Was smoking w a buddy. A fellow cannabis lover :D
    And we had a difference or oppinion. I swear by my sifter box. I loooove how much kief i get by actually sifting the finer herb around and I always grind my gerb w a 2 piece grinder to keep as many trichs as I can before it hits the pollen box screen.

    He however prefers to break up by hand and just used the box to basically hold the bigger bits of weed he was breaking up because he wants to to keep as many trichs as he can for a tastier hit (which is true).

    So what's your take

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  2. I prefer my stuff to be ground but time from time i cant grind a bowl because im at work so i pack a nug on the way home.
  3. I grind it for a more even burn.
  4. Ground all the way
    -It cherries much easier (i guess it depends how the bud is broken up)
    -More consistent
    -Kief collecting (of course)
    and honestly I think a bowl packed full of a nice ground bud just looks more appealing.
  5. i prefer to grind, personally find a better toke outta it.. i know a couple of friends though that wont grind at all. so each to their own i suppose.

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