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    heres my operation from like 2 days ago. Files
    they were topped/fimmed about a week ago. they are about 2 to 2 1/2 feet tall. using a 400w MH and will switch to 400w HPS. the tent is 78 inches tall. but with the light fixture and HID light i figure subtract about 2 feet from the 78 inches cause obviously i dont want my tops to burn. so i say that leaves me with 54 inches. to be safe i'll just say plants are 2 1/2 feet. so 54 inches minus 30 inches leaves me with a whole 24 inches until my tops are in the danger zone. i know i can flower anytime and i want to wait but my friend that is funding the operation and medical patient wants to start today. im trying to argue that we should wait a few more days to a week to let the newer tops develop more. when budding they probably wont stretch more than a foot right? from my guesstimating i still got about 1 foot of space. my friends are just concerned about the tops burning but im pretty confident we will have room. can anyone give some feedback? thanks everyone.
  2. Plants about double in size while flowering, so I'd go ahead if I were you. Hell if I were you I'd have been flowering a week ago. Of course I wouldn't have 2 1/2ft tal plants either b/c I'd be LSTing them. My Big Bang x Kush is only about 8" tall, but about 10" around and she's starting to pre-flower
  3. k i will start today, thanks. i just wanted the new tops to develop more but oh well. i should also mention my strain is la confidential and in veg i used 24 hr lighting. it's also day 44 since germination.
  4. Yeah definitely flower. 44days is plenty. That new growth will still fill in as the plant switches over to flower.
  5. i forgot to ask earlier, what is LSTing? is that like where you bend them down? thanks for the info. i got everything ready now for flowering. i read LA Confidential takes 7-8 weeks finish flowering. since today i just started 12/12, does that 7-8 weeks start now, or does it start when plants first start showing signs of sexing? either way im in no rush, just curious.
  6. The 7-8 week thing is when then plant truly starts flowering, typically this in about 48-72 hours after the 12/12 change if the plant has already begun to pre-flower. Basically just look at it like 7.5-8.5 weeks, but you should truly be the judge and look at the trichs for color before you harvest.

    And yes, LST (low stress training) is where you tie the plant down in order to make it grow horizontally. I generally tie down the main stem (and Top/FIM) when the seedling is 3-4 nodes tall. This increases the amount of side branching. Once the side branches are about 3-4 nodes long, I pin them down as well. This insures that each branch will receive equal light during flowering. There are a few good guides on LSTing, just use the search.

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