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To evreybody hating on mexican weed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Bleeze, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. Ok look, many of you probably remember that thread I made about a month ago "Weed in Mexico City", where I was asking where I can find some in the city. Long story short, I started smoking in Canada and always getting the dank stuff from a dealer who was a MMJ patient. We would always get the good stuff (Bubblegum Kush, White Widow, Purple Kush, Jack Herer, etc. you name it) and everytime I would be on GC I would hear people talk about "mexican schwag", and how it was the most horrible weed in the planet and how it barely gets you high, is brown, tastes like shit and all that negative shit. Now, I used to live in Cali, even though I never smoked there so I have never had experience with this "mexican schwag" that is most present in the states where it gets shipped in bricks and all that. Well, anyway, a while after making that thread mentioned above, I started school here. At first I didn't know how I was gonna come across some weed, but 10 minutes into my first school day, somebody in my class came up to me and asked me if I toked the herb. He had thos massively red eyes and I was like "yeah", well after that he introduced me to the BIGEEST smoker in the school. we talked for a while and I asked him ifhe could hook me up with some smoke. Next day, I show up with 50 pesos (approx. 5 American Dollars) and I give them to him.
    2 days later, he shows up with about half an ounce of what he said was "some good sativa hydro". I was in awe, half an ounce for approx. 5 USD! I come home later and examine it, it was no different from weed in Canada. It smelled great, was covered in kief and was so cheap. Next, I took a hit, and after one hit I was high for 4 hours, I think it might've been that I didn't smoke for a week but still a week doesn't really lower your tolerance all that more. In conclusion, this was my experience and I'm glad i found some weed and its been great so far. Maybe weed here is bad, and I just stumbled upon some good weed. But still people really need to try this before they talk shit. Bye.

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    when people say "mexican dirt" they mean the weed that is poorly gorilla grown by the cartel,
    which is normally used to distract authorities from the harder drugs they are trying to smuggle in to the U.S
    how it's sold once it makes its way here (the states) is beyond me. most likely to someone buying in mass quantities for very cheap. 
    and just to be sure, you are eighteen - right?
  3. Probably not.
  4. When I speak of Mexican "brown" weed I am referring to the ugly brown pressed crap that was either smuggled in a gas tank or some other nefarious method by piece of shit drug lords. I am sure you can get some A+ weed that is not meant to be smuggled up the ass of a mule if you know the right people down there. However, that whole country has become a pile of steaming corrupt shit. Legalized marijuana in the US would strike the biggest blow to the Mexican cartels than the DEA could ever hope to achieve with its tactics.
  5. Ive had a good amount of mexibrick back in the day and theres a big dif between brown cat piss schwag and green commercial
  6. Not all weed in or from Mexico is shit, but the vast majority that comes into the states is in fact, shit.
  7. "Mexican Sativa"from Sensi Seeds is on my wish list for next year's seed order.
  8. you got lucky man
    but there's a big difference between mexican schwag brick weed and actual quality weed grown in mexico
  9. Mexico has a history of naturally producing some potent sativas that can stand against a lot of the top strains here. In fact a lot of the genetics from those strains were tapped into to create some of the hybrids we see today. I would love to get my hands on some Acupulco Gold if it still exists in its natural form. The only reason Mexican weed gets a bad rep is because the stuff shipped to the USA is generally the poorly grown shit with seeds that is pressed into bricks after being dried in the sun (obviously very bad for quality).
  10. you most likely didn't buy the compressed mexican brick weed, you got lucky, not all weed that comes from mexico is dirt, but the majority of it is

    this is mexican brick weed


    this is some dank bud

    notice the difference?
  11. I always heard how cheap everything was in Mexico, didn't know that was applied to marijuana.
  12. I bought some brick weed when I was in Mexico not that long ago. I was really surprised. It really looked like crap. It got me really stoned though. Thank God the quality of the buzz was way better than it looked.
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  14. The "Mexican schwag"
    They mainly use it as bait for border patrol. But if they get it through they sell it

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  15. I live in a border city and all the weed I've ever seen that came from Mexico was absolute shit. Smuggled in a gas tank smelling like straight up diesel fuel. Like others have said though thats just a decoy so they can get harder drugs across. I'm sure theres good bud down there but it sure as hell doesn't make its way across the border. 
  16. I remember some quality Acapulco Gold back in the day.  Play Frisbee all afternoon and chase it with a half dozen pizzas.  Man that was some great shit!
    Never couch locked me into a stupor either.
  17. was it brown? did it really look like shit?
  18. Yeah, it was brown all right. Brown and all stuck together. It looked just like what I used to get when I was 16 years old.
    Thank God I moved to Oregon!
  19. Shwag is shwag, whether it was grown in mexico, jamaica, south america, or thailand. To denounce a region based on the lowest common denominator is like saying all food in New York sucks because of the funny tasting toilet water hot dog street food.

    I will say that mexican weed gets you f***ing high. Smoking some properly grown and cured mexican buds reminds me of the smell (but infinitly better) of cartel packaged brick, but damnit does it get you HIGH. Strong weed, whether oxaccan or some other regional variety, weed from central america or south gets me rocked.

    I think it is unfortunate that mexico and other american countries (central or south) get a bad rap for weed when it is absolutly the shit tier cartel weed that is giving it this rep. You get someone who grows or who knows to hook you up with some legit mexican, aye puta de madre, la fuma es mejor de todos. Well not everything, but most. Veeeery high ceilings. 
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    Actually I am about to start some Acapulco Gold seeds from Barney's Farm. I don't think it is the same stuff that was going around in the 1970's but it should be similar genetics. It is takes 70-75 days of 12/12 to mature.

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