to east coasters: how are yall celebrating 420?

Discussion in 'General' started by rwilliams, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. It's an event that happens just once every 12 hours, and it's about to happen in two minutes... how are yall celebrating it? i would be smoking but i only have about a gram of mids left and i would be smoking but I'm supposed to smoke with my friend tommorow... FUCK :mad:
  2. even though it would be a dick move, i'm depating whether i should smoke now and not call my friend after work tommorow. i really want to smoke now.
  3. Your weed, your call. I lit up a blunt at 4:20, 2 minutes ago. Damn, I gotta start my day here in about 2 hours. Luckily Ill be home around 11am. Then I can go to sleep. Havent been to bed yet though.
  4. ^yeah but she's smoked with me a million times and i'd feel like a dick... i'm leaning towards just smoking it anyway, though.
  5. how about..dont smoke the WHOLE g to yourself?

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