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[To Each Their Own]

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stoned since 80, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. I would love to know why blunts, flavored wraps etc. are so popular. Onmy opinion its pointless. A big part of enjoying tasty bud is getting the true taste. Not masking it with some vanilla, grape, etc. bullshit. I smoke weed I wanna taste the weed. So I prefer a clean bong or bowl and a doob rolled in a good ole rice paper, the less paper the better!! How bout you?
  2. I agree with you, I'd much rather smoke outta bowl or some EZ-widers. But every once in a while you'll get some of that nasty shwag that needs a flavored wrap :p
  3. yea that bobby brown can use a flavored blunt sometimes. :smoke:
  4. [I Like Flavored Papers Once In A While]
  5. What if all you could get was shitty weed? Then you can put like a quarter of it into one of those wraps and at least get really high, and have some of the crappy taste masked.
  6. I suppose but I don't smoke shitty weed. (not trying to be stuck up) I mean I have when I was younger or when there was dry spells before harvest time in the early to mid 80's , but never anymore. There is always too much tasty bud to choose from, now. But that would be the only acceptable way to me if it tasted bad. Even then I would either dip it in some booze, put some apple or orange peels in the bag or use a flavored paper.
  7. Typically when I roll blunts it's usually with the lower quality bud. I'd much rather conserve the dank, than roll it up into a wasteful blunt. So a nice masking flavor like blueberry makes the wood taste less harsh.
  8. Jokers!!! The thinnest paper in the kingdom. And I'm outta touch since when did paper packs stop having 32 and the stash one behind the cardboard?? WTF?
  9. Blunts are great for parties and such. You can take many hits off it. Joints are nice for yourself/groups of 2-3.
  10. For parties and such I always rolled train doobs. Like 4 or more papers long.
  11. Rice papers/ultra-thins are the way to go :)

    but a nice tube is perfect for at home
  12. I think they appeal more to the Schwag smoking crowd to help mask the taste of a bad bag of dirt.
  13. if you dont smoke blunts then you dont know, it like a classy thing like a fine cigar.. IF you dont get it you never will.. some things cant be explained and any frequent blunt smoker will tell you the same thing

    ps i dont smoke schwag actually puffing on some finally cured bannana kush as i type this!
  14. Smoking blunts for me is for when I want to get super stoned by myself and just want to smoke a lot or for groups. Also its pretty pimp when your the only one who can roll a blunt or even do it without needing any tools (cutting the blunt, ect ect). I generally smoke out of my bongs or I'll roll up a vanilla mini dutch, brown or green leaf.
  15. Smoking blunts is just fun as fuck
  16. I dont smoke for the taste of it lol i smoke to get high
  17. I'm not a blunt smoker, but do you really taste the fruit or whatever the taste of the paper is?:eek:
  18. I think blunts are a waste, as well... but that's just my opinion.
  19. I like the fact that a Blunt or 2 or 3 gets me to the top of my tolerance pyramid. Pipe-bowls an joints and vape hits just dont feel the same, now nice bongs give you a great taste and super high =P

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