to close or not to close?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by stevieponiczz, Oct 12, 2002.

  1. I'm starting a closet grow this weekend. Everything is beautifully and discreetly setup. I have a closet about 2 and a half feet wide...5 feet long and 10 or so ft high...

    I'm growing 1 maybe 2 plants in a fair sized fish tank...but my question is about ventilation. I'm gunna be using either a single 50 watt comp. fluro or 2 28 watt fluros. If i were to leave the closet door closed during the 18\6 period (im also using a timer.. on 2 hours-off 30 minutes at time to let the bulb cool off, as i dont want to risk fire when im not in the house) will it get enough ventilation or will the closet get too hot? and if i have to (i'd rather not) should i leave the closet door open and run a celing fan in my room on full blast for some venting.

    And the final the problem..the odor. Now it was my intention that once the plants grow too much of an overwhelming smell and it moves into my room im gunna have to move it into a sun porch thats connected to my room...this sun porch has 3 large window walls with screens...i can smoke a blunt in this room without and smell getting into my i shouldnt have any odor problems right?? The only problem is it might be a little too cool in this sun porch for the plants to survive so i may have to build a insalated grow box for in there.

    Your help is greatly real excited bout my first grow..just have a lot to learn still.
  2. Thanks for the input..can't wait to get started.

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