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  1. Is there such a thing as to bushy ? I have a 19 day old auto or two and they are REALLY not that tall. I have done some lst but they are less than 8 inches tall !! P6160507.JPG P6160508.JPG P6160509.JPG P6160510.JPG

  2. How long are you allowing for new growth up towards the light before you tie down the next section?

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  3. 4-5 days, 1/2 to 1 inch
  4. those are old pics actually ! Let me get you 2 new ones
  5. Try moving your light source further up man. They'll start to stretch out a little
  6. aye but the question im asking my self is to make em a bit taller or to leave em squat and bushy with 1-1.5 cm between nodes ?
  7. P6200487.JPG P6200488.JPG P6200489.JPG P6200490.JPG
    Two different plants, started and still have a 45W veg bulb each and a 150w hps (2k k) for about a week and a half.
    Both broke ground 19 days ago ! 
    Thems smell SWEEEEET , the already stinking out my house if the door is left open
    it's dependent on your grow space. I like taller plants because my grow space is only 4x2' and 5' high so they don't get really tall but are still very bushy with proper training.
  9. my space is like 3 foot wide and 2 foot deep by 7-8 tall lol, i should add that these are both auto's 
  10. with that space you'd want tall plants so u can use that 7-8 feet of headroom.
  11. i am not sure that autos get that big lol. Any way i have not the lighting for that kinda business. I wanna maximise yield but consider my lights to you know ?
  12. Tall plants are going to do him zero good as he's using CFL's.    For CFL grows, you want short plants with a trained, even canopy for maximum light coverage as those bulbs need to be so close to the plants.    With that space, I'd recommend upping to HID lighting next round, as you will get 5x the yield (or more), and better quality with the same amount of effort.
  13. i have a 150w hps
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    That is a tiny light, you still aren't going to get any depth of light penetration with that small wattage.     That's only 75 W per plant which is pretty much the bare minimum.    With a 4x2 space, a 400W light would be perfect and you would see a world of difference in the final result (quality and quantity)
  15.  45W veg bulb each and a 150w hps

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