To boldy toke where no man has toked before

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  1. [​IMG]

    I found this and had to share
  2. Wut?

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  3. It's suppose to look like the starship enterprise from Star Trek.

    Pretty rad.
  4. I was wondering that and how do you hit it haha

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  5. See those tubes? I think there are holes on the front so you would light the bowl and probably hit it through one of those tubes. Maybe it works like a steam roller where you would need to cover one hole, or maybe there is a carb somewhere.
  6. I was thinkin somethin like that. Or if they made it so 2 people could rip it. That would be bad ass

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  7. looks dope as hell, but i'm confused how it would look in action lol
  8. Warp speed, Mister Sulu!
  9. seems like the mouth piece furthese away isnt blocked/capped, so thats probably where you inhale...interesting piece haha.
  10. Thats awesome,now i want something like this but made of glass and also as a scale replica of the Enterprise-D.
  11. smoke from the bottom left corner, notice the difference in end caps?
  12. hahaha that things fucked.

    is it a dry piece?
  13. I'd drill a carb in te middle to make it somewhat functional lol

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