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To anyone who has trouble sleeping

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dubway, May 12, 2011.

  1. Basically whenever im not smoking the fine herb, i always had real trouble sleeping, like i would just lay in my bed for 2-4 hours before actually going to sleep, and i know this is a common problem in the marijuana community. But the other day i found this, i put it on whilst i was tryign to sleep just for background noise as when i was just listening to it it made me uber relaxxed, and i went to sleep within like 20 mins. So if you are having trouble sleeping, put this on Rain makes everything better., im not saying its a cure, it just worked for me and if i help just one other person, it will make it worthwhile :) Try it and tell me if it worked/didnt work :D

  2. I would probably piss my pants...
  3. Things like this only work the first 3 or 4 nights. After that, you get used to it, so it gets boring.
  4. If you're having trouble sleeping while on some sort of break from smoking the ganja, you should exercise before you go to sleep, tire out your body physically and your mind will soon follow.

    Plus, you know, it's good for you.
  5. Weed works every night for me haha
    only time i stay up is when i had some drinks earlier, and alcohol is wearing off
    ive tried, melatonin, and music, and all kinds of things, ive tried other herbs as well, only weed has helped the best so far. there might be something else out there though.
  6. My problem is that I end up thinking about way too much shit, then my thoughts end up distracting me from sleeping.

    Its hard sometimes to think about absolutely nothing, but thats what I do, and eventually it usually works..
  7. Yeah I tried Melatonin too, just gave me some weird ass vivid dreams. I already have weird ass, vivid dreams in the first place! And I took Xanex a couple times before bed but I quit that after a couple days because it made me feel weird the next day. Herb all the way for Insomnia!
  8. yea its weird for me if i smoke at night it puts me right to sleep and i sleep really well, but if i wake up in the morning all tired and shit, but i smoke, it wakes me and makes me all motavated and shit when i go to class
  9. i would be using the fine miracle to help me sleep, but im on a t-break for about abother 3 weeks due to exams and stuff. I know it wont really do much results wise whether is smoke or not, but if i do really shit which is possible as i have done little to no revision, i know i will just look back and blame the herb for it, and it wouldnt be its fault. So if/when i do bad, i can look back i say that was MY fault, and hopefully ill work harder next time :)

  10. Yeah man, same. Even when I'm not blitzed too. It's super fucked up.
  11. besides bud the only thing that ever helped my insomnia in the least was ambien (tried about 6 different prescripts now), before i built up a huge tolerance/used it recreationally. even then the quality and quantity of sleep was never anywhere near what good weed can give me.

    hooray for weed
  12. I always struggle to get to sleep when sober, Mary Jane is the only thing that can put me to sleep effortlessly but I don't wanna get to the point where I can't sleep without it (been there, it sucks) so I just smoke when it gets really bad..

    I ran out a couple days ago and have been struggling pretty bad, I usually end up sitting on the internet til 2-3AM and feeling like shit the next day but I shall give this a try tonight and report back with the results, thanks OP :rolleyes:
  13. THIS. it sucks eh ? :( I look forward to hearing how it went :D
  14. i have the same problem. takes forever to fall asleep. every time i sleep out im alwase the last one up for hours after everyone else it sucks. lol weed works good but nxt time i dont have bud and need to go to sleep im ganna try this out. thanks
  15. I would try some magnesium glyconate. It's a natural supplement I've been taking for the last few days. I have problems falling asleep and waking up and while taking this I have fallen asleep within 30 min of taking it and woke up after 9 hours of sleep completely rested. It's worth some research.
  16. Stare at the ceiling, eventually you will fall asleep.
  17. Well I gave it a try last night and the results were subtle but deffinately there. I found it helped me think less as it broke the silence but it still took like an hour to send me off. It helped most when I woke up in the middle of the night, it sent me straight off back to sleep pretty much instantly.

    All in all pretty useful, but nowhere near as powerful as the herb.
  18. fuck insomina, im still awake from yesterday and its pushing 9 am.
  19. The only time I ever have trouble sleeping is when I'm out of weed. 1 bt before bed and I'm out for good.

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