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  1. I have had a couple bongs for like 8 months snd had a couple spurts where I would smoke a bit out of it but still smoke joints all the time, but I recently bought a fairly big plastic one with a metal pipe.. I know yawn same old same old but I live in butt fuck newfoundland and our only headshop is good but if I went in there and asked about ROOR or ehle I'd get the confused look haha but my question to you is when using your screen do you unscrew it and dump the ash or just pack new bud on top?

    Also if you only smoke pieces how often do you hit your piece? I usually smoke joints only but you taste the bud so much better with a piece and get turbo baked off the hop.

    Usually I bust up around 2 grams and smoke a few one hit bowls and a couple joints but I'm looking for a nice glass bong, I have a color changing pipe but there's no screen and I find that I suck ash through so I prefer a screen.
  2. it changes for me for the first couple months i smoked it was mostly out of my bong but i got a few new pieces for my birthday (a bubbler and a spoon) so i've been hitting those up the most lately. plus they're so much more portable. i'm ok at rolling j's but i'd rather just load my spoon and go. but i will do js if i'm on the go or something.
  3. Bongs are definately worth it.
    They are a completely different experience than with a pipe, and they get you HIIIIIIGH.
    I smoke out of mine at night or when I am alone, and every time my friends are over we have at least one bowl with it.

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    i would clean out the bowl after completely torching the bud. if it's too much of a hassle to unscrew then use some kind of stick or poker to scrape out the ash into a trashcan or something

    how often you smoke really depends on the person, but one thing for sure is having a piece will save you weed compared to rolling a joint (or get higher for the same amount). unless you develop a weird addiction like mine, where i hit my pieces just for the act of smoking and to watch it milk up... i could care less if i got stoned :p

    try packing larger nugs and inhaling softer while hitting, i really try to avoid screens as much as possible, can't be too healthy in the long run

  5. Agreed.

    Not dumping out the ash will make it harder to hit, and it won't taste as fresh.

    Definitely look into a glass bong if you can. It seems like joints are far more popular outside of the US, but I find a bong to be much more satisfying. :smoking:

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