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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Samus, Apr 19, 2003.

  1. where do you get your seeds? whenever i buy nugs, theres never any beaners! please help me out, thanks!
  2. check out my recommended seedbanks thread in the seedbank forum.
  3. If you want good bud you MUST start with good seeds! Ditch the bagseed and order online from a dependable source.
  4. i was lookin for seeds the whole time i was in BC to bring back and grow...... thing is we went through 2 ounces all in 1/8 and 1/4 increments all diff. bud, and NOT ONE SEED! it sucked, but at the same time kicked major ass. thats not a very common thing round where i am
  5. just because the weed is great stuff doesnt mean that the seed is gonna be.

    u know who mama is...that is the good weed. but u dont know who papa is. could be good seed or could be some hermi piece of shit or it could be some ditch weed that was only used for rope in the past. tho they are i guess u get what u pay for.
  6. yea that's true... I suggest buying them online from the weelknown sites that have been around for years. Just make sure you have the seeds sent to another location then the place your growing! (even though everyone I know have not been busted cause of the seed site reporting them, it's a good idea to be safe).
  7. the easiest way to get good seeds, is from a seed company...but if you can't afford that... then finding them in a bag is like finding treasure.... just keep seeds from something that you really enjoyed... ask your close friends to save them if they come across them... and even, you might can get your dealer to hook you up... but you have to realize that there is a reason that the nugs you buy don't have seeds.... seeds take away from the production of thc.. therefore a highly seeded plant will contain less thc and a clone that is not seeded will contain more thc than the plant with seeds. Those nugs are grown that way, and i for one find it a privaledge to smoke nugs shown so much care.
    peace, love, and bigger buds.

  8. think of all the time and work you'll put into growing, and you'll know why to get the best seeds to start with.

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