To all my new friends at GC

Discussion in 'General' started by boynamedsioux, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. I'm fucking toasted. You all are fucking fantastic. I'm pumped i found this website. Where-ever you are in the world, take a hit for me! GC is the shit.
  2. I'll hit it for you. :)
    I love this place.
  3. uh yea!! :smoking:

    immediate +rep for your name
  4. I + repped for the same reason, lol
  5. high five!!!1

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    gotta admit this is not an entirely bad idea...
  7. all right man, here's a hit of hashish for you!
  8. I'm goin back out to take hits for all of you. Hell yeah!
  9. What up. Where have you been? Other sites psh.
  10. I guess life is easy for a boy named Sioux!

    Ha. Ha.


  11. ha nice pic, should be developing a roll soon from way back I'll post some if they are decent ;)
  12. that glorious bong hit was for u
  13. welcome to the city
  14. i just googled weed forums and the other ones were lame. GC is awesome. Thanks for all the hits blades and bladies.

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