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    Good afternoon, fine growers of GC :wave:. This will be my first grow and first journal which I planned to keep updated at least once a week (though probably more often) :hello:. I am growing with MrProGrows 8.1"W x 26.5"H x 18.6"L box.

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    I am currently germinating 4 seeds total, in 3 separate cups in my MGP which is not running (so they're in the dark), put them in about 4 hours ago and will check on them before I sleep tonight (I'm up late :rolleyes:) to see if any have sunk.

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    Currently germinating:
    Nirvana's Northern Lights (indica autoflower) x2
    Nirvana's Aurora (indica) x1
    Dinafem's Critical + (sativa) x1

    also have 2 Dinafem Diesel seeds I will not be using this grow. :bongin:

    I am using a modified moonshine man mix, which is a supersoil. The idea being that once growing, the plant will need no further nutrients and will be fed only Ph'd water throughout it's entire life.

    My mix looks something like this.

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    (minus the perlite)

    35% Fox Farm Ocean Forest
    23% Fox Farm Planting Mix
    23% Fox Farm Light Warrior
    16% Perlite
    1% Happy Frog Fruit & Flower (5-8-4)
    1% Happy Frog Jump Start (3-4-3)

    It will be a SCROG grow under CFLs. The two autoflowering NLs will be my main crop, and the Aurora and Diesel will be in much smaller pots, to take clones later on and then flower out for a smaller harvest.

    I'm sure I'm leaving out a ton of information but I will add it on as I remember, as well as in following posts. Please ask any questions you have and give me any advice you have. PLEASE, for fucks sake, if you seem me doing something stupid that may harm my plant or just generally cause issues, LET ME KNOW, as this is my FIRST EVER GROW! I cannot stress this enough.

    If anyone cares to see some of the planning stages here's a link to my first thread about the grow. Some good microgrow info from Bongsauce there, as well as a link to his microgrow thread.

    Little closer to harvest every minute :smoke: :yay: :metal:

    EDIT: sorry the pictures are links, this is because they were from my other thread. All new pictures will be right in the journal, not links.
  2. I'm subb'd. I'll delete the subscription to your "informal journal" :D
  3. subbed.

    here's to an awesome grow :metal:
  4. So, got my perlite and a 5gal "eco" bucket to mix in :hello:. Just checked on my seeds, and all 4 sunk with a slight tap :metal: . Should I mix up my soil now and pop em in some dixie cups, or should I wait for them to sprout before removing them from the water? It's been about 18 hours.
  5. I usually wait for at least 1/4" tap..and then gently plant it pointing down, and keep it humid till it pops out of the soil.
  6. Bonsauce is right, let it get a good 1/4th to 1/2 inch long root coming out and plant it about 1/2 an inch under the top of the soil. Too deep and it wont break soil, too high and you can risk root damage.
    Keep a spray bottle or a cub of water handy to moisten the soil and keep it perfect for the little sprout to show itself. :)
  7. Thanks guys:wave:, do either of you germ in cups of water? or do you use paper towels? I'm a little worried about drowning the seeds if I leave them in the water too long, would it be a good idea to pull them out and put them between some damp paper towels til they pop or am I overthinking it?
  8. nah, don't switch em up...I do paper towels, but just as many people soak in water. Try papertowel next time if ya want...but just let em do their thing this time. ;) they're pretty delicate, the less you mess with em the better they do.
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    Alright, that sounds good. I'll let em pop in the water. Packing up boxes, moving out of the house I lived in for 6 years. Quite sad, but a change will be good. Excited that I'm finally dealing with seeds :hello:.

    EDIT: The Aurora and Critical + seeds both have the beginnings of tiny tails. One of the NLs is cracked with a little tip that's barely visible, and the other one seems to still be fully intact. Will check again in the morning. HOPEFULLY I can plant tomorrow, but I get that patience is a must.

    also a little annoyed that everywhere I've looked measures their pots in inches and not gallons. whats up with that?
  10. In other news: I broke my zong tonight. T'was a sad event. :cry:
  11. youch...I feel you man. The one time I bought a glass pipe (bubbler) it was accidentally broken by my sister on the first week I bought it. :eek:
  12. Damn, what smoking utensil do you use now? Luckily I still have the trusty vape :hello:.

    Update: My Aurora and Critical + are definitely ready for planting. 1/4 inch tails that look healthy. My NLs have popped but the root tips are very small on both of them, just visible. I think I'm gonna plant them soon anyway, as 4 plants will be a little much so I'm almost hoping one won't take so the others will get more room and light but we'll see. Left my wallet at a friends house so I am unable to buy a Ph meter, higher watt lights, and real pots, until it is found. So I think I'm just gonna plant them in dixie cups with slits in the bottom to drain, and then just water with unPhed water to get them started. I know some people use bottled water and some use tap, not sure what would be better to start with. Gonna throw them under 20/4 once I plant them, so they're greeted with plenty of light when they sprout.
  13. An ejoint; the review is in a link on my signature. It is basically an electronic cigarette with cartridges of THC dissolved in food grade glycerin. :smoking:

    Use bottled water and the cups are fine to start with. Just make sure they aren't clear. Why go 20/4 light and not 24/0 or 18/6?
  14. No reason, really. Just most of the autoflower journals I've seen use 20/4. If it's generally agreed that 24/0 would be better, I'm all for it.

    OH BY THE WAY, just planted :hello: as I'm moving right now and shit is quite hectic, I accidentally packed my dixie cups, so I only had 3 to start with (the ones I germed in: hope this won't be an issue, I can't imagine it will be) and 4 seeds. So I regret to say, that my 4th seed... is in a rinsed out styrofoam cupanoodles cup. It is definitely not the look I was going for, but the NLs will be going into gallon pots anyway, so it shouldn't matter. Poked a 1/2 in hole with a pencil and dropped them in root down. Was antsy to get started so I forgot to water my soil before I planted them so I just dripped some water all around the cups and over the seeds. My girlfriend is worried that it wasn't enough water, but the top layer of soil (where the seeds are) seems to be damp enough and I will be keeping a close eye on them. Just really worried about over watering them. I will make sure the entirety of the soil gets wet once I have sprouts and stop worrying a little, unless you think I should just flood the (precious) little fuckers immediately haha. THOUGHTS? :wave:

    I'll snap some photos when I have a minute, but it may not be until I get off work later tonight.

    AND IT BEGINS :metal:
  15. sounds good...I usually just water the top layer and cut out a circle of plastic baggie to sit flat on the soil, keeping it moist. The little circle of plastic is light enough that the seedling will lift it up when it pops...
  16. Gave them another microwatering and did end up putting plastic circles gently over the soil. Not sure how much it will really do, but the effort was minimal so whatever.
  17. UPDATE: The Aurora has sprouted :D my first little plant. It really skyrocketed over night. I'd say it's a good inch, where as the others show no change as far as I can see. Hope at least one of the NLs take off. Definitely stoked about the Aurora. Will post pictures when I get home from work. :hello::smoking:
  18. Keep the lights close enough so the plant wont stretch too much. :smoke:
  19. AND THE CRITICAL + SPROUTED WHILE I WAS AT WORK. Quick little fucker :hello:. Really really hope the NLs take. I'll post pics maybe later tonight, if I can find my camera, things are pretty hectic and misplaced because I'm packing
  20. Unfortunately, this is the best I could do. They're not exactly photogenic at this point. Not sure how much is truly visible.
    Critical + and Aurora seedlings day 1.

    The Crit looks picture perfect but I think the Aurora still has a bit of seed on it.. if it doesn't fall of on it's own the next few days I'll see what I can do with some gentle tweezing.

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