Titles......fuck em

Discussion in 'General' started by burnttwaffle, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. sorry, i can never think of good titles.:(:eek:

    can sum1 ID what i might have or whats wrong with me?

    i ALWAYS have sweaty hands. like, im not nervous all the time, in fact, im hardly ever nervous, iv had this problem as long as i can remember, and its pretty embarresing. its not that bad, but i always have to like wipe my hands off and shit but no matter what its always there and no1 else i know has this problem, wtf

    any hhelp?

    BTW, its good to be back blades.:hello::cool:

    much love

  2. touching yourself periodically,,,will cause sweaty hands....:cool:
  3. put deodorant on yar hands mang :p
  4. thinking about gay sex causes sweaty hands

    jk!! ;) ..glad you're back man!
    see a doctor about it, might be a thyroid condition or something
  5. thyroid?

    my mom has that, but, if im right about what it is, im not even close to fat. im pretty skinny
  6. it's not about being fat, the thyroid can either do too much work (hyperthyroidism) or too little work (hypothyroidism). One of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism is excessive sweating.

    But I'm not a doctor so I wouldn't really have a clue. Just go to your doc and ask for a full medical and tell him about your sweaty hands. Whatever you've got it's best to diagnose and fix it early. GL man!!
  7. over productive sweat glands?
  8. I thought it said 'titties...fuck them' and I was like yeah, titty fuckn is nice!
  9. Go to your doctor, they can prescribe some topic skin treatment shit that should be able to help...

    If it's an extreme case they have extreme surgery where they have to... I believe cut a nurve or something very, very close to your spinal cord....

    My uncle has clammy hands and I can't stand to shake his hand lol... Feels slimy, always cold and always wet...

    But I wouldn't worry too much, it's not that big of a deal man.

    PS: I first read..... Titties....... fuck em.... I lol'd :D
  10. me and ur uncle have the same thing, cept mine isnt THAT bad, ill talk to the doc, but im not down for surgery ever.

    iv had it since i was like 7i think...

    thanx everyone

    and ya...titties, very good.:D
  11. -Passes Waffledome back to BW-

    November 8th is close. ;)
  12. Haha, that's what I thought.
  13. wafffle whered u go?
  14. where did U go


    vacation for a while, it was pretty much hell, im a huge home body:D
  15. I want you to know, I made you proud today. I had waffles for breakfast and they were awesome. Just like you
  16. :D

    you think i should make a waffle guide thread?

    teach you kids how to make sum waffle treats?
  17. i couldnt tell if you were bein serious or not, but i was at my cousins wedding in michigan for the weekend, was a merry ol' time
    rented a boat, jetski's, golfing, lots of drinking, blunts, 'free waffles for breakfast in the hotel, its all good man:smoking:
    why didnt u enjoy your vacation?
  18. The Doc can prescribe special deoderdant (what? I tried spelling that three times. Woow..) for your hands. Someone told me it smells really bad. Weird.

    That's all I know about that one. Good luck! :wave:

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