Titans at Steelers

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by redhat11, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Oh snap, the singing and dancing just started on TV.
    Got all blazed, turned it on and remembered I'm getting it in HD:D
  2. Damn, intense game
  3. sweet game... go titans
  4. What a boring game

    Getting drunk was the funnest part
  5. Man, I hate the Steelers. If it wasn't for Rob Baronis the outcome would have been different. Both teams looked like crap besides defense, but it was the first game of the season. Like Sky Dog said, best part was gettin' drunk.
  6. At least Palamalu is gone for 3-6 weeks.
  7. Fuck, that affects the chances of the Bears getting beat next week! :(

    Wait, what am I saying? Of course da Bears are gonna get beat next week! :devious:
  8. AMEN

    But yeah, the Titans beat there selves, what with the same guy getting the Illegal Formation penalty 3+ times in the same game. there kicker choking and missing a easy field goal and then turns around and makes a longer Field Goal later in the game.

    Can't wait for the Ravens vs Steelers rematch

  9. That's gonna be my Super Bowl right there.
  10. Hows that? They are both in the AFC.
  11. He meant that its gonna be such a beastly game, and prob better then the Superbowl...

    Both teams, best Defense
    Both hate each other like no other, and the Ravens are gonna want redemption.

  12. So bad.
  13. I despise the Steelers, and the Ravens are kinda my other team in the AFC. If the Jags fall out of contention, I'll start watching Ravens games. They will definitely get their payback this year.
  14. i give the steelers props. cuz once i realized it was the 4th quarter n they were drivin, im like oh shit this is the steelers and ben rothlesberger, if they didnt have as many 4th quarter and OT game winning drives as they do, theyd be a far less greater team
  15. I won't lie. Palamalu gone next week is great news for my fantasy team.

    I do hope he isn't badly hurt though, he's a very fun player to watch.
  16. Sucks we lost, but it was a good game.

    I know the Steelers defense is good, but our offense really needs to pick up the slack.

    And Bironas needs to make those damn kicks!

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