Tired of your flame gettin put out by some wind?

Discussion in 'General' started by HighHaze, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. it happend to me today...i was outside with a bowl and the wind wouldnt let me light it up. im thinkin "weed dont love me no mo :("

    but in fact, it does. If this ever happens to you, the solution is you shirt.

    just light up your bowl/blunt/pipe under your shirt. it is better to put your arms inside your shirt too, and takeyour hit while you are in your shirt. for no stench, just inhale in your shirt, bring your head and the pipe out, then exhale!

    -may slightly stretch shirt

    -no stench
    -GET HIGH!
  2. this is that og shit ive known about this since '92
  3. I could picture some kids settin themselves on fire doin this
  4. Bapes and BBc's are awsome for this cold day zip it up all the way and hotbox
  5. nice, thanks for posting this! great solution, i'm surprised i never thought of this! no more crouching in a corner trying to find the wind and put my back up against it haha. I'll just go in turtle mode!
  6. :laughing:

    It's funny...cause it's true.

  7. aw, well ive never known about it until now.. at least i helped someone out tho!
  8. i do this anytime there is wind....unless im already blitzed and i forget :smoke:
  9. Wait, question; who DIDN'T have the common sense to do this already?
    Using a jacket or shirt to conceal yourself from the wind is like the oldest trick known to man..er, stoners.
  10. This was the first solution I thought of to the problem.

  11. lol, same. second not the healthiest due to all the carbon monoxide gathering up in your shirt.
  12. Wow. You guys are so smart. What about a magnifyer? Solar hits anyone?

  13. prick
  14. and wow... Im still waiting for you to post something useful... you always have this arrogant tone in all your posts.

    I love hotboxing my jacket... i used to do it all the time haha.
  15. I went without half an eyebrow and some hair loss because of this very idea.

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