Tired of refilling my ice bucket so often

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  1. If you have a bong with an ice catcher, you know what a PITA it is to have to refill the ice bucket you need to keep next to it, and the slight chance of it slipping from your grasp due to it being cold, wet and slippery (from condensation).
    I have wrapped insulating foam around the neck to prevent exposure to air which promotes the ice melting and the condensation build up.
    I will refine this (it does work!) by using a piece of wetsuit material and then putting a leather wrap over it.
    It extends the ice life by a factor of four at least.


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  2. You could also just put a ice pack in your bong.
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    They don't work for shit, you need to have the vapor flow over the ice.
  4. Those refreezable plastic ice cubes work great for me, plus they dont mess with my water levels so that's a bonus

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  5. looks classy i might steal your idea for my mini bong with an ice chamber

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  6. I hear ice is bad for your lungs. Something to do with the water vapor.
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    had idea similar to this but never found insulation that was to my liking, yours is looking great!
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    Actually that is the first picture of my idea.
    Now I use a closed cell foam like you find in a wet suit.
    The goal is to keep air from contact with the neck and to keep moisture from forming and dribbling down the side. 
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    Here are pictures of my Prototype #2, I am still practicing my leather stitching technique (or lack of one).
    I am using a piece of leather to wrap the foam like a steering wheel.
    This gives it a real nice "feel" when grasping the neck plus the foam gives it some "squishiness".
    No more cold wet bong neck and the ice lasts much longer.
    (The cable ties will disappear when it gets stitched together.)
    Bong is a ROOR "Lil Sista"

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    Thanks for the comps.
    If you want, I have material left over.
  11. I only use one ice cube anyway I don't like weird cold hits.

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  12. ^ I thought I was the only one, it doesnt fuck with water levels either. Cool idea though, I dont know why no one makes neoprene sleeves for these things, bong koozies would be the next big thing
  13. How many ice cubes can you even fit I'm that thing? Lol two??

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    Nine to ten ice cubes will fit.
    Neck is almost a foot long.
    ROOR "Lil Sista"
    The changing water level does not diminish the quality of the smoke, however it may effect the amount of effort it takes to get a nice pull.
  15. Get Koozie->Cut off bottom->Cut side->Stitch to fit bong neck snugly->Win?
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    Suggestion sir, use silicon wrap. K.I.S.S.
  17. Or no ice:)  Ice doesn't make a any big differences to me, plus I heard it can make you sick

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