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Tired Of POOP!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bstick, Sep 16, 2002.

  1. anyone else tired of poopy swag? I have stopped smoking weed for three days because the only thing going around is the poop.. sorry for the rant but i need to tell someone..
  2. I can understand what you mean, but if it really seems that shitty then maybe you should consider quitting for a few days or weeks and then starting back up and then you'll love it...I dunno about you but I never get sick my my herb i've actually been gettin mild hallucinations from the shit i've been getting lately, everyday seems like it gets better and better, maybe its just me....But anyways, do that or go find some chronic.
  3. (im not usually one to say this, but) try growin your own.....
    me and a friend are trying to grow somewhere now to keep us occupied during the good weed drought, but i got a killer sack today but its from like a private stash, so its not goin around. poop sucks
  4. Not trying to be an asshole or nothing but if you go to the pasture to get your weed, you'll end up with poop weed!

    Find a new hook up. You may get lucky and get some nice good buds!

  5. we just went through a poopy swag period. nothing but tiny ass pinners that wouldn't get you stoned if you sat down by yourself and smoked 20 all at once. for a full seven days we suffered through this crap. and of course we're dumb enough to think they might have better pot this time... damn this addiction!!!!

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