tired of dealer bs

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  1. Im buying a little weight so i tell the kid it has to be top grade stuff or im not dropping that kinda cash on it and he replied with.
    "Its good man, its purple kush from cali"

    Is anyone else tired of hearing this crap from dealers?
    "its good shit, its from cali" or "Its good man its chron, kush or dro"

    Im on the other side of the us as cali, why the fuck would the weed im smoking be from cali. Weed is just as good grown here as it is there. Who is going to drive 36 hours to sell weed here that someone could grow here for same price.

    You would think someone who is making an income from something would know alittle bit about it. So glad ive already been approved for my mmj card. No more having to deal with dealers who are usually in the lower end of the iq range.,
  2. My friend got paid 4500$ for a few fumigation's and drove to cali to pick up a Lb so yes i believe a select few people i know close. I don't believe those little highschooler's which is probably who your referring to.
  3. I live on the east coast and I've tried stuff from cali and it's alright. I wouldn't care if I got stuff from around here or there though.
  4. I dont know who the fuck you pick up from, but when my guy says he's got purple kush from cali, its some bomb ass fucking weed
  5. Boss.

    Shiet i wish i could get my mmj card but we dont got that shit up here
  6. As long as it looks dank, I don't see the problem. Hell, maybe it even is from Cali, you never know.
  7. Hate when some one says it's purple something and then they show you and it's obviously shit weed and not even purple I know that not all purple strains are purple but there should atleast be a little tinge when your buying in bulk all the buds can't be that green, when someone tries that on me it's like I'm not buying that and just leave.
  8. cali supplies like 50% of the US with bud. so yeah your bud isprobly from cali unless you know local growers. east coast has a lot of small indoor grows. cali has lots of indoor grows and huge outdoor grows as well
  9. They say this because usually stupid kids usually jump on the idea of smoking Dank.
  10. the fokes i've always dealt with have been honest about their shit. if it's dank as fuck dont matter where it's from.
  11. While it sounds unlikely in your case, California does in fact export a ton of bud.

    And yes, climate and soil conditions absolutely make parts of California extremely fertile.

  12. Huh? We do, it's just a pain in the ass to get even if you have cancer, and gaming the system is just about impossible. I heard about a guy in BC who would sign your papers, but unless you paid for some sort of supply agreement he'd charge you like 2000 bucks for it.
  13. I try not to deal with hs kids anymore but seems like college aged kids r no better.

    I honestly laughed at the 50 coming from cali post. Trying to tell me cali suppliez half? Jjst as much as mexico,south america, canada, every other country and the other 49 states put together? Come on now use some common sense.

    I cant wait two weeks and two.days till.i can go into a dispenary and grow my own.

    I would be more likely to believe its from cali if i didnt live in a mecha of legal medical grows. We have so many dispenaries its getting rediculois. or if the kid hadnt already ttold me a min before his guy had to make some calls to find enough. You dont even have it yet but know where itz from and a name?

    Sorry about spelling. On my atrix

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