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  1. I am a first timer and I am looking tips on everything, I would only grow for my own personal use and the feel good feeling knowing that I am rolling and packing my very own creation. I want to know everything from;

    - Lighting ( What kind of lights, if I change the color of the light does that affect it, any other factors )

    - Watering Techniques ( How often from germanized seed to adult plants )

    - Homemade growing boxes

    - Temperature's and Humidity levels

    - Chemicals ( I tried growing once and used Miracle Grow and it killed my plants)

    Just anything would help me right now, any tips from any veterans would be awesome. Tips and pictures can be posted here for everyone or if you don't want people to know the secret, here is my E-Mail

  2. seriously, do some research on the site first. read all the stickies in the forums and look at lots of people's pics. then, if you have a question you should ask it. asking people to just explain everything to you seems kinda lazy to me. do your homework first.
  3. Do a google search for "Cannibus Grow Bible" (there might even be a link to it here on gc somewhere...), then read it all the way through. If you need clarification, then you can come here and ask questions, which we'll be happy to answer.

    Since you mentioned a problem on a previous grow, I'll comment on it. You didn't give any details on when you used the Miracle Gro, no any information on what kind (there are veg formulas, and bloom formulas, etc.). When your plants are sprouts, they don't need any chemicals, and adding them is likely to kill the little plants. For the proper vegetative phase, you want an NPK ratio in which N is higher than both P and K. For the flowering phase, you'll want roughly equal levels of N and P, both of which should be higher than K.
  4. Hey Bro, I would recommend buying a grow book from a book store. I would tell you how to do it but there is no one right way of growing this plant. Thats the good thing about jane is that there is always a different ending to every grow you have. I think thats why people become addicted to growing jane. You have to factor in LIGHTS,SOIL OR HYDROPONIC,FERTS,GROW SPACE,TIME,VEG CYCLE LENGTH,STRAIN OF JANE YOUR USEING,TEMP AND HUMIDITY, AND IT JUST GOES ON AND ON. I will tell you some quick answers, The more jane you want the more space, light, and longer veg cycle you want. If you want a small grow site then you can go with smaller everything. A good book I think is the cannabis grow bible. If you want some specifics then private message me and I will help out as much as I can. Later Bro.:wave:

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