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tips to find a GOOD dealer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SuperMilk, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. i just moved to new orleans, la from colorado. first off, i want to say that i miss colorado and their medical marijuana. overall, there was better quality and better pricing there. out here, it's 20 a gram for some chronic and it usually isn't potent. i've had schwag in colorado that was better. also, i've been ripped off twice downtown trying to weed (dudes walked off with the money and never came back), been mugged once (threatened to shoot me), and have been getting shortchanged on the amounts (60 dollars for less than one gram?!)

    anyways, i'm not a beginner to smoking weed or anything, it's just its a pain in the ass down here to find any decent dealers. i'm tired of relying on shady people at night downtown, i don't have any friends out here, and i don't know where to start looking again except for downtown which i'm trying to avoid.

    i'm thinking about just walking around and asking people, but i've gotten a lot of people pissed off in the past doing that and it can be a little embarrassing. where are the good places to look?

    gas station? school?

    anyways, if anyone knows someone around the area, could i get a PM? thanks for the help
  2. no hookups allowed. Build a relationship. It takes time and hitting up the same dude on a regular basis.

    When I moved the first weed hookup I found was outside a hookah bar and he's been consistent for 4 years now haha.

    Just look around. Immerse yourself in your new area. :smoke:
  3. How is that even possible?
  4. It's very unwise of you to ask someone for a hook up, and it was very unwise of you to give money and expect them to come back with your product.

  5. was in mid city and asked a dude on the corner if i could get 3 grams. instead he pulls out a little tied baggy with less than a gram. might as well had give him 20 bucks.

  6. you're 100% right, but i was pretty desperate at the time. really makes me wish that it was just legalized and sold at vendors.
  7. If you work or go to school get aquainted with people and see if they smoke weed to.
  8. maybe its time to start growing
  9. Ask someone who looks like they smoke if they do, and if they say "smoke what?" chances are they know you're not talking about cigarettes.

    And look out for rasta colors that people might wear, but be careful.
  10. Move back to Colorado.
    Why would you wanna move to New Orleans anyways?
  11. What part of CO did you leave? If you don't mind me asking of course.

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