Tips ov plants going yellow plz help

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Manc andy, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. when I checked on my plants today noticed that a lot ov them hav yellow tips sum hav them just on the top few leaves but couple hav them all the way down any ideas ?
  2. nute burn. pics would
  3. Hav sum pics on another thread if u can take alook thanks for the reply wot can I do about it and is it going to kill my plants
  4. No but it might hender yield I would flush now or next watering and then take it easy on the nutes. What nutes you using and how are the temps?
  5. Just done the flushing with water should I do the same next time will find out wot nuts were this is my first grow n was ment to be doing it with a m8 who done it before n has his own grow on to he sorted them out n has just left me too it so guess its just learn as I go
  6. Dont overwater, Give your plants straight water for the next 4 days....and cut back on your nutrients
  7. Will do thanks will this hav any affect on them flowering or budding properly

  8. It might slow it down....but nothing noticable....

    its better to flush properly than kill your plants :smoke:

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