Tip's or Links for attic grow room? Or should i use a stealth box?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by klaytosdoo, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. Ok so here's my plan.

    Im a first time grower, im pretty detail crazy so i'm sure this will be a cinch.
    So i have an unfinished attic. No floor i'll probably just lay down some ply wood in a 6x6 area and put up a frame and walls. Now here's where i need advice.
    Smell is number one! I live in a house with another house about 14 ft on one side and about 25-30 yards on the other side.

    I bought this fan...

    and im going to hook a carbon filter up to it and vent it out into the attic...the attic is roughly 30ft x 20 ft with a hieght of 6ft. Should i get an ozone gen.?

    I'm going to be growning 4 plants from seeds. (afgan ryder autoflower) (Dairy Qeen) (Chernobyl) and some kind of ufo...i forget. Anyone try any of these?? Reviews of them would be cool.
    Once they veg i'd like to make two clones off each plant. So a total of 12 plants 4 full plants and 8 clones.

    Now this is just for me so should i just use a grow box and cut it down to 8 plants?? or is the grow room better for smell and quality???

    Any suggestions would be awesome or any grow room how to's would be great. I watched the How i grow chronic on youtube already.

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