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  1. So I've smoked for a long time now and like smoking joints but I'm terrible at rolling them , so I usually smoke with a pipe or bong but lately I've been trying to roll joints more but I'm bad at rolling , any tips to help me?

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  2. been smoking for a long time, and while i can roll a blunt with the best of em, my joints still suck.. this vid helped me a bit
  3. Same here , and thanks man ill try this tonight :D

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  4. I would not recommend rubbing your weed with a dollar bill before you smoke it. just saying lol
  5. I'm not sure how bad u actually are, but I recently started to learn how to roll and I started by using the boat way. It helps you focus more on the rolling part instead of the keeping the bud in. I can roll alright now and it hasn't been a month. And if you are rolling cones then a tip would be to start at the mouth end.
  6. Okay so I rolled the paper around a pencil , so it's pre rolled and just filled it about to go smoke it it looks like a cig with a weird filter (sense it has a crutch)

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  7. Why not buy a rolling machine? They only cost $2 and works wonders if your in a hurry.
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  8. Get a bamboo rolling mat, makes joint rolling easy and gives you good consistent results
  9. Everyone can't roll joints. Jesus. They called me Chong, pretty hard to teach on a forum. The guy who introduced me to rolling gave me a simple method. I hope you know that you put the weed in. Run the paper back in forth to make it into a cylindrical shape make sure it's even. Everyone can't roll. Instead of using only your thumbs you use your index fingers. Ok once you've leveled it out make, push the side without the gum down to make a crease. Normally people fuck up the roll at this point. Hold it with your thumbs, and then move your index fingers( They should be sideways) push into the crease as much as you can. Then roll up with your thumbs. Still takes practice. But that's how i started.
  10. Buy a cheap pouch of tobacco (doesnt matter what kind aslong as it is rolling bacco) and some papers, then just roll a 'joint', rip it apart and roll another one. By the time you are out of papers you should be able to roll a pretty nice joint. Then give it a shot with some nicely ground bud, that has no chunks in it.

    All about practise with joints, hard to learn the finger movements without actual practise.
  11. This is the best way to practice if you suck.
  12. So I just rolled the paper around a pencil then stuck a crutch in the rolled paper and just packed the weed down the end of it and packed it all in and it was the best joint I've ever smoked , it was like a cig and stayed lit the whole time

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  13. Fuck rollingmachines. There's a ghetto method for everything.
  14. It's all about getting the weed layed out evenly or unevenly for a cone, then mastering the tuck so your joint doesn't "canoe"/"side burn". It can look ugly as hell but if it doesn't burn right then you end up with wasted weed.

    Also use zig zags or juicy jays etc. the organic soy gums and other bs don't stick worth a damn and make rolling even harder for a newb.
  15. For me I looked up tons of YouTube vids on how to then once I learned the basics I ripped open a tea bag and practiced by rolling with the tea leaf. The key is to make sure you don't roll too tight otherwise it will not stay lit.

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  16. Uhh you rolled a paper around a pencil then packed it? Crazy. As mentioned above, get some cheap rolling material, like some tobacco, stick with zigzag whites, and roll. Rip. Roll. Rip. Roll. You get the idea. It's really easy once you get the basics. I don't even really care for spliffs, but I'm always the one rolling them. I have heard that bamboo mats do help, but it's an extra, IMO non essential cost. 
  17. I'm done with it maybe ill learn one day but for now I'm gonna keep pre rolling my papers around a pencil first , putting the crutch in and boom then just scoop the weed in and it's perfect like a cig :D

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  18. @[member="Wolf Shady"] Can you just stop making a mockery of yourself, listen to the tips and tricks people are telling you. OR just look on youtube.
  19. I did all that , but AFTER I made this topic I thought to pre roll my joints so that's what I do now and I can't delete the post

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  20. Even though it's after the fact, a really easy hack for joints is in the first step. Holding the empty fresh paper in your hand facing the right direction, if you twist the bottom right corner like the end of a Tootsie roll until it can't be twisted anymore, it kinda seals off one end and makes it so the weed won't fall out the end while rolling it, if you keep the open end up in the air, you can take as long as you like rolling it because the weed won't go anywhere.

    Just get that good tuck man and you'll be golden. Also another thing I like to do is use fresh cigarette filters in my joints.

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