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  1. Hi,

    I'm in week 7 of my chemdawg grow and its looking mighty nice. I plan to harvest in a couple of weeks and just did my first of several flushes recently.

    Basically I was wondering if people have any tips on curing and harvesting chemdawg, I want to try and preserve the fuely/chemically smell and og-kush reminiscent taste as best as I can. Its why I choose the strain. Any suggestions? Right now I plan to simply use one of my grow boxes with lights on for couple of hours spaced out throughout the day, fans on of course.

    Edit: I like some harshness in my weed, so I am going to cure it semi quickly.
  2. Never grew that but all weed is just about harvested and cured in similar manners worldwide if thats your intent to do.

    Lights should be off drying not on. Light breaks down THC.
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    I don't recommend this...I like a full cure. I just harvested three weeks ago, and haven't had anything bigger than a popcorn bud to smoke. The longer the cure, the smoother the smoke, more intense high, etc. Trust me man, cure slow, it will be well worth your while.

    As far as any tips..not really. It seems like everyone on this site does something different, or a variation. For instance I hang dry my buds upside down for three days, then cut off the stems, put in jars with a hygrometer, and I follow the Rh key I have..tells me when I'm in the too humid range (over 70% rh), a little too high but almost (65%-70%rh), the cure zone 60-65%rh), no chance of mold but still curing (50-55%rh), and too dry (below 50%)..I think that's how it goes (I found this method from another forum, it could be on here too idk).

    I know others on here cut, and dry for 5+ days, and then jar. I use to do that, and my buds just never got the same smell, taste, and high I get now from the Rh method. I feel like the method I've chosen is a lot more work (constantly monitoring the Rh) but the end results are stinky, sticky, potent buds. :smoke:
  4. Wake this thread up and let's talk about curing methods.
  5. The mold yield is awesome!

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