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Tips On Composing Myself

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mlrock, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. I've been toking for a little over a year now. However, I still usually have a hard time composing myself when I need to so that people won't know I'm high when I go out in public. Can anyone give me some suggestions on how to compose myself when I'm high in public?
  2. use eye drops and don't act like an idiot
  3. Keep eyes white, open.

    Walk slower and whatnot.

    If anything, act like you got back from the gym.
  4. Grab things to hold on to when you're walking.
  5. What tips can you give to help prevent me from acting like an idiot in public?
  6. Come on man, it truly isn't that hard. Just chill out and don't say anything. Keep quiet, and enjoy the high...
  7. What do you usually do to act like an idiot?
  8. I thought the title read "Tips on COMPOSTING myself " at first, LOL! Would have been a cooler thread, jk!

    Anyways, something an old buddy of mine told me when I had this same question ... "no one knows that you're high unless you let on. It's all in your head." Get mind control and add in some eye drops, you'll be just fine!

    Or, another tip I heard on here somewhere, "If you don't want them to know your high then don't let them see you when your sober"!
  9. Most often, I find that I get confused and I lose my sense of direction while walking somewhere or if I'm ordering in food, the person on the phone will have a hard time understanding what I'm telling them. I also sometimes accidentally leave some of my belongings behind when I go places and have to go back or find myself unable to carry conversations with sober people when I need to.

  10. You've only been smoking a little over a year right? It took me about that long to feel comfortable in public while high when I first started smoking. Ya know what cured me, I had to talk to a cop high. Learned real quick how to control myself!
  11. You can feel a lot different than you look when you're high it's part of being high, my advice is to watch your buddies when they're high and see how subtle the changes actually are and realize people don't know you're high.
  12. If your eyes are nice and clear, and you're around strangers, they don't know WHAT you're normally like so fuck their opinion. In terms of with parents and stuff, it's just something that comes with lots of practice. You start to learn the little things you do when high, and are able to correct them when necessary. You're still fresh in the smoking world so cut yourself some slack
  13. In public speaking class, I learned that you usually feel a lot more nervous than you actually look, when presenting a speech. Therefore I believe that you think you look higher than you really are, assuming you aren't stumbling and stuff. Just walk slow, don't smile unless there's something funny haha, and just chill
  14. Use eye drops, and just don't think about it. And if you have to do something where you don't want people to know you're high, just don't smoke a ton of weed first, just smoke enough so you're high, but can control yourself.

  15. This. Nothing sucks more than when you realize you MIGHT have smoked a little too much before doing what you're doing. Lol....that's when the downward spiral begins :smoking::bolt:
  16. Don't go around with your mouth hanging open...

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