Tips of leaves dying?

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    Hello folks, my 13 day old plants started showing some problems yesterday and it seems to have gotten slightly worse since.

    I'm using Fox Farm Ocean Forest potting soil with no additional amendments, and I've been watering every other day (3 times so far) with Fox Farm Big Bloom, 3 Tbs/gal (as their feeding chart and instructions suggest), and watering with distilled water on the alternate days.

    They were growing in a 6-pack planter until today when they were transplanted into 3-Gallon buckets. The roots appeared to be slightly rootbound when I transplanted them, was wondering if this could be the cause?

    First post here, hope the photos aren't too large.

    All of the plants:

    Top Kalashnikova (the missing tip is unrelated, the leaf just started dying yesterday):

    Furthest left Kalashnikova:

    Bottom Kalashnikova:

    What do you think, anything to worry about? I can't imagine its nute burn as I've only used the Big Bloom, which is (0.01 - 0.3 - 0.7). But I am an unexperienced grower, so really, I have no idea.

    I am supposed to start feeding them the Fix Farm Big Grow tomorrow, but am worried I might burn them even worse if this is indeed nutrient burn.
  2. Hey did you ever figure out your problem? I have the same thing happening!
  3. It looks like nut burn. 3tbs/1gal is pretty strong for a plant that small.
  4. Its the nutes- Bet you probably already flushed them real good by now. For soil I'm guessing at that size you should just be starting with the nutes, and probably at 1/4 strength-

    My Blue Satellites seem to be extra sensitive, too- while the others that share the same space/aeroponic tank seem just fine to the rest of the conditions.

    Interesting choice in strains, for sure.
  5. I am using no nutes and a very neutral soil. Odd... I'm in a waiting game to see if it progresses. I wish mine was as easy as nute burn.
  6. OVER WATERING and way too much nutes at this stage. That pot should be bone dry 1 inch into the soil and very light before watering. Over watering mimics N def at times.

  7. That's good to know. It makes sense that if the roots are drowning they can't pick up nutes. I let my suckers dry out today and am watering them before I got to sleep.
  8. Happy to dispense the little knowledge I have. Also the bottom leaves always touch the dirt and get water on them in the begining, at least for me, and they end up looking fugly. With seedlings it's almost more important how the leaves on the 3rd & 4th nodes look.

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