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  1. what do you like a guy to do when hes eating you out?
    noises, what to do with his tongue, his hands.
  2. each female is diff but majority like their clit stimulated while working her g-spot
  3. Never underestimate the power of taking it slow...
    Seriously, I know that's personally what I go crazy for.
    I don't know why so many guys think that the faster you can go, the better, but it's not true for all women.

    I think it's probably best to just ask the chick what she likes.
    People like different stuff, you know?

  4. Slow and steady wins the race! :hello: (at least for me anyway)
  5. Try a LOT of things. See how she responds. Make note of when she moans, grabs your hair tighter, arches her back, etc.

    It's not all about what other moves girls like, it's what she likes. So pay attention to her responses!
  6. oh yeah, im pretty skilled in the oral area with what i kno,
    but shit, someones gotta do something ive never tried, just to spice it up you know?

    anyone try breath mints and vibrators while down there?

    i also heard if you cum in a girl then go down on her it feels great, idk..
  7. You'd want your own come in your mouth?
    Rock on. Whatever works for you.
  8. Anal stimulation? Just take your finger and rub around her ass. She will love it.
  9. Definitely good to build up to the event, get her really aroused before you plunge into her pussy. I.e. using your hands and your mouth on her body however she wants you to (rough, sensual, etc...).

    And once you are eating her out, you've still got to take it slow by teasing her with your tongue, and keep your hands doing something useful. And then build it up to be more intense.

    Wellll... that's how I like it at least:)
  10. well if its mine and not someone elses and it works why not?

    idk why people freak out about kissing a girl after they came in a girls mouth, need to man it up, or you have some foul cum :eek:
  11. nothing interesting?
    anyone ever stick a lifesaver up there and eat her out? i heard it taste good
  12. don't make NOM NOM NOM noises
  13. good way to get an infection. keep food AWAY from the real goods !

  14. haha i just loléd on that
  15. Hahahahahaha oh wow. I haven't laughed that hard from something I've read in awhile.
  16. Use pressure and work slow. If you're not afraid to get in there with your tounge and really work it then go for it. That's what I like at least. I prefer slow deep strokes to quick flicking any day. (not saying I don't like the later) And use your hands. Get inside her and feel all over her body. I love, love, love when a guy plays with my nipple rings while hes giving me oral.
  17. I'm doing this next time for the lulz.
  18. Nah thats a good way to get your girl and infection. Stay away from sugar based lubes too cause those can be gnarley on a girl too.

    1. Tease
    2. Clit
    3. ??????
    4. Profit

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