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  1. I tried germinating and growing bubblicious but after the seedling rose above ground the stem just started wilting.:(The cotyedons and first leaves were still green but it stopped growing.
    So i decided to start growing Vanilla Kush and Super lemon haze:smoke:. This is my first and only Super lemon haze seed so i want to do this right. Has anyone grown this strain before and can you give me some pointers?:rolleyes:
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  3. The community is going to need more information from you, to help troubleshoot your problem. Please describe your germination process, including the technique used to germinate, what medium did you put your sprout into, what temp. were you heating it to, did you use additives? The more info you provide, the more capable the community will be able to help you. =)

  4. I normally use Jiffy seed starter soil, but i got frisky and tried to use coco fiber. Maybe thats the problem. But one of my girls from the three are still going strong.
  5. The way I go about germinating a seed is as follows:

    I use tap, RO, or bottled water, it doesn't really matter. Although I've sprouted in fresh tap water, I believe it's best to allow any chlorine in your water to evaporate by letting it sit for 24 hours..

    Germination process:
    1) Drop your seeds in a little glass of water, put it in a dark place, and wait 24 hours. (put it in a drawer, cuppboard, put a box over it, etc.) If they float, you can wrap them in a paper towel and submerge the whole thing.

    2) After 24 hours (you can remove them earlier, but no more than 24 hours) dump the water and very carefully use something small to pick them up with (like a little spoon) don't crush them.

    3) Place the soft soaked seeds in a folded paper towel in a shallow tray and spray the towel with some water, or pour in a bit of water and dump out any standing water.

    4) Set it on something warm. This sounds ghetto, and is, but I have an old laptop that's good for nothing except heating up a little when it's plugged it. I use it to keep my seeds warm. =) You can use a warming mat, but room temp is okay, too, it will just take a bit longer. You want to put a little saran wrap over the top of the tray and poke a couple holes. It should be warm and humid for the seed to sprout. Keep this in a dark place.

    5) Keep them in a dark place and check them every 6-12 hours. You'll know they're ready when the little root that's exposed is at least as long as the seed. It could take a day or two for all of them to sprout.

    6) Once they're sprouted, place them into your medium. Rockwool, soil, coco, sure to grows, etc... Be sure to poke or slice a little hole in the medium so that you can very carefully PLACE the seeds in the hole. Preferably with the tap root pointing down, and carefully cover your sprout with about 1/4 - 1/2 inch of medium. Just enough to keep the light off it. Spray your medium with water, and keep these just moist (not dripping or sloppy wet) You can put something over them, to keep it a bit humid, but if they are too humid for too long, they could start growing mold.

    7) It could take a couple days before they poke through the surface. When they do, it's important to let the medium dry up a bit... it still needs moisture, but it also needs oxygen. Let some air get to the roots, and water them when it starts getting dry. I like to water these with a sprayer, so I don't soak them. Once they've surfaced, they can be exposed to light. Anything green sticking out of the dirt is going to utilize sunlight. Place them in a shadow, or off to the side, and far away from the light. Move them closer, over the next couple days.

    8) DO NOT feed, fertilize, or add any additives of any kind. The little seedling has all the nutrients it needs in it's first leaves. Once these disappear, then it's okay to start feeding your baby. Once it gets some nice roots, you can let it get dry between watering/feeding.

    This basic method has always worked well for me. I hope this helps. Everyone has their own way of doing things, perhaps this method will work for you, too. I think most people will be inclined to overwater their seedlings. It's tempting to pay more attention to them than they need. =)

    Good luck to you,

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