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  1. So.... I'm going to be picking up an ounce of shrooms tomorrow and I'm VERY exited... but I don't want to mess it up. Are there any tips out there for people to give me? It's almost impossible to find them in NJ and I just can't believe my luck. I think some of my marijuana karma is finally coming to fruition.:D
  2. well as far as tips go...

    when you eat them, eat them at night, i find it far less intense (emotionally) than day time. you may not understand this much til youve tripped, but i found the chaos of daytime, like light, people, phones and all that jazz to be really negative when shrooming. i always try to make it a very personal experience, and i get very very anxious when there are non shroomers around just doin ordinary things, it sort of bothers me that they are around.

    also, make sure you have some tasty food or something around, some good music, some sort of light source you can control or mess with, like a computer visualizer, and definately mucho marijuana for a'smokin.

    basically, dont let your thoughts take over reality. ive had experiences when for no reason at all, ill suddenly start to wander internally and think about the possibility of bad shrooms, poisening and dumb stuff liek that (the one time this happened, id eaten the same shrooms before but still managed to worry myself into thinking they could be bad!!)

    the most important thing you can do is just be calm, chill out and relax. i find that the best onset is when i have music going and have already smoked a bowl. for me, the onset is when i am most likely to have bad thoughts, although if you are strong minded, you just need to remember you are only seeing (or hearing) things, its just the mushrooms and that everything is just cooool.

    music will be your guide, let it take you wherever it does.
  3. Heres a tip:

    Use the search button.

    There are countless threads like this.

    *caution* do not listen to me

    legal disclaimer^
  5. If you do it during the day, go hiking, cuase i gaurantee youll get antsy and want to travel a bit. If you plan on doing it at night, watch the forecasts for thunderstorms, Lightning is what makes tripping at night what it is.
  6. If you're gonna do it with friends (which I prefer) make sure they're people you've known for a long time. Tripping with strangers can be scary as hell, and my best trips have been with my buddies I grew up with.
  7. I finally found some last week and they are pretty fun.. I'm not realy sure how much you can take but the most I did at once was 3 grams and nothing got out of hand. I kinda think its more fun to trip in the day because of the light lol.. Every time i walked into a shady area the trip would hit me like a train lol felt prety sweet. Mushies make you feel prety freakin good but they could be a little more intence. I dont like doing them if I cant walk around so I suggest dropping some and going for a walk. Forests are prety sick to trip in haha.
  8. Um... actually I did and I wasn't able to find anything in particular about actual different techniques to increase the effects, whether or not I have to eat on an empty stomach, whether or not vitamin c actually does anything... whether or not sugar really does anything... so instead of being snide, all you had to do was supply me links. I'm sure there are countless threads on here, but don't be such a tight-ass. Smoke a joint or something.
    There is absolutely NO reason to be rude and I really don't care if your just a faceless persona on the internet... I really don't like it when anyone is intentionally being a ... never mind... I'm stoned. *passes the joint to syntax13*;) It's all good, I'll look harder next time.
  9. Thanks again guys, appreciate the input. ^^^ look up for other questions if you're interested in answering. I would search, but I figured since this thread was already open...
  10. you have to wait at least one wk probably a few days more just to be safe before each trip or you will just waste them. first time i would eat about have an 1/8 to check potency. i would save 1/4 for your last trip. it will be crazy but ive been there and its worth it. excepcially after your experienced with the other 6 cuts. your gonna be a different person after your zip is gone
  11. oh yeah, the first time you should trip in the day and the second time trip at night or vise versia and see what you like better. although its hard to judge because each trip is so different but try to concentrate on the time of day when your gone tripping not how hard you tripped obviously. if you do trip at night look at the stars...its weird
  12. Tripping in the day time totally sucks. I used to grow shrooms, and since I quit I cannot find them ANYWHERE in NJ, along with acid. But yeh, HEre's my advice:

    Blend an 1/8th of shrooms, and about half a cup of OJ. Then drink.

    Night time is much better. You feel "camoflauged" and safe at night time, and it produces a smoother trip. I found an 1/8th last night that I guess I saved. Ate it then Watched the meteor shower. Simply amazing.
  13. How the hell does New Jersey run low on shrooms....???? Aren't you guys the dairy state?? Go find some cow shit!!! GET ON IT

    but seriously, you'll want to down that ounce of shrooms all at once and wash it down with 151 proof and top if off with a coke sprinkled joint laced with angel dust.... get ya fuuuuuucked
  14. I prefer to eat them around the evening time so that I get some day, sunset, and night. fun time.


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