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  1. ok this past week i have bought about 4-5 eighths:) and it seems they always go so fast. ive been smoking for about a year so i take about two bowls to get baked but i seem to be way to frugal with my weed. yesterday i bought a 1/8 and it was gone that same day within 3hrs:rolleyes: im running outa money and need to start saving any helpful tips?
  2. Smoke alone...Buy a dugout or a one hitter bat...i use one tht looks like a cigarette it conserves i can make a 8th last a week when i need to
  3. well i used to do that but the little dingers and shit dont get me high anymore...and i usually like smoking with a group which is one of my downfalls cuz then i just smoke everyone up
  4. Pace yourself and your mates bro
  5. get your friends to contribute.. or throw some money on the sack
  6. yeah or if you smoke with other people make sure someone's matching or someone else throws in because then you're just basically buyin eighters for you and all your friends if your the only one smoking everyone out all the time...
  7. You're in luck. I'm good at this kind of stuff.

    Remember this saying- money burns a hole in your pocket. In other words, if it's there, you're gonna smoke it. Take everything you have, split it up in two or more bags, leave some out for yourself, and put the rest away, in several different hiding places. Try to forget about it. Do it every time, always put at least a little bit away, and you'll find yourself without anything, poke around, and ta da! Something you forgot about. Sweeeet.

    Try vaping. It produces burnt, and it can give you a buzz. Twice the buzz for the price of one! A great trade off considering the inital investment. (You don't need to spend 100 bucks for a simple vape system.) It also gets you way higher, especially if you alternate bowls and vape.
  8. Buy a Volcano. No joke.

    Some might call it a waste, but I've saved so much money because of it that it's paid itself off in full and then some.

    I used to smoke a half a week. Now I only smoke a quarter a week, and that in itself saves me about $100 a week.

    I buy 3q to an oz at a time, weigh out each quarter, and keep one for smoking. I vacuum seal the rest, and every day I weigh out 1.0 for that day only. Then I leave ALL the bud at home and keep the 1.0 in my grinder- when that's all I have for the day, it helps me plan my smoking for the whole day. And guess what? I always use the same amount everyday so I'm never wondering what happened to my stash.

    And I smoke blunts everyday. After you get down to a gram a day you begin to adjust your tolerance. I used to smoke 1.3-1.4 blunts but I'm down to 0.8-0.9, and it still does the same thing. You just get used to it after a while, and you can use the remaining bud in the Volc. On top of that, roaches build up.
  9. Just don't get mega baked every time. You could take a T break too
  10. take a T break and then use gravity bongs
  11. Buy and 8th of dank, then a 1/2 of mids, only smoke the mids with your circle, and save the dank for solo sessions!
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    Dude if you have money like that to burn do not buy individual eighth's five days in a row. Just buy an ounce or two. Get one of those weekly medicine cases (sunday to saturday) and put in your daily stash. Get a vape and try to smoke less times per day.
  13. damn man if i'm smoking by myself and eighth of dank should get me high everyday for about two weeks. If your smoking good dank you only need 1 good sized bowl to yourself to get baked
  14. Like someone else said, if you're going to buy that many eighths back to back you might as well go for an ounce and just seperate your weed in bags and smoke 1 bag a day. Gravity bongs will conserve your weed pretty well so I'd suggest doing that, and they are easily affordable to make. With a gravity bong you could get 5 people baked with a gram.
  15. Dont go around hiding money thats a high ass idea

  16. Thats a good idea it definetly makes more sence to do it that way. and we usually always match bowls because evryone just likes smoking more weed right? of course but thanks for the suggestions. and if i buy the Zip then i could sell some to ansd make sumwhat of my money back
  17. hit a gravity bong they get me stoned as hell
  18. :rolleyes:
  19. for sure buy in bulk. split it up. put some away so you dont see it and automatically wanna smoke it. save it till you need it. and take abreak and let your system clear out every once and a while it should help with how much you have to smoke.
  20. ha wat sup my budday disguised:smoking: bro i run out of weed like im burnin it too :mad: lol

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