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tips for rolling?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xInfectedx, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. hey guys i was wondering if you could give me some advice or tips on rolling, i bought some rolling papers and i seem to have trouble getting them nice and tight im nto sure what im doing wrong.
  2. It takes practice. I've never been amazing at rolling, and yesterday I stopped being lazy and taught my self the dollar bill method, it's amazing, I can hardly roll and a good J takes me like 4 tries often, but with the dollar bill method I've rolled like 3 J's so far, and have yet to waste a paper or not have a perfict one.
  3. honestly, i would go buy a cigar and try that.
    it is way easier to roll a decent blunt.
    just start out with white owls.

    but if you want to stick with joints, youtube it, and master your own technique by rolling up joints, and tearing them apart and ect.

    thats the best way, but you will go throw 2 packs of paper, before you get happy with your joints.
  4. Well I would advise that you learn to roll with your hands first so you can roll anywhere. Just practice, practice, practice and you'll get it soon. Then after you can do that you could get a roller so whenever your at home you can just make a perfect j nice a fast.
  5. Grinding is a must before rolling a nice joint imo. Not to fucking dust or anything but nice and even. Speaking of even, make sure the bud is evenly distributed on the paper.
  6. Buy a roller
  7. CaliCoast has a good point, grinding or even spending extra time to really break your bud up will make rolling much easier. Use scissors if you have no access to a grinder.

    My suggestion is, assuming you smoke cigarettes, to buy some rolling tobacco, this is how I learned. It helps because tobacco, in my opinion, is much easier to roll with. Also you will probably do it so frequently you learn fast. Rolling cigs is like joint rolling with training wheels, plus they give you way more papers than you need so don't worry about making mistakes.
  8. i do ahve a grinder my problem is is just once i get its shape i cant make a nice tight roll
  9. dont point on makin it too tight cause youll have trouble smoking it.
    just make sure you have spreaded the herb and the tobacco (if youll use) nicely.and yes..grinding helps a lot..all in all its a matter of practise,youll figure it out.
  10. Go with what PinballWizard said..

    the dollar bill method is really easy to learn and then after you roll for a while that way, its easier to start rolling without it. :smoking:
  11. Youtube "how to roll a j with a dollar bill." Thats how I learned to do it. Its so easy and quick, and its basically fuck up proof. I also like to throw crutches in mine.
  12. If u can spin up a joint thats just not that tight then all you have to do is pack the weed tighter with a pokey after. Just take a pen or something and pack the weed down til its nice and tight (not too tight mind u). This should give u a nice joint altho it might take u a bit longer than being able to roll a tight spliff with only your hands
  13. Yeah like an above poster said, use a poker to pack down the stuff when you are finished. If you dismantle a cheap bic pen, the ink tube makes for an excellent poker
  14. or which ever end you plan to filter, get that end tight and hold it with that hand then use your other one to work your way up to the end voila a awesome tight doob.:smoking:
  15. grinding or really breaking up is key
  16. Yea, like people been saying, it all has to be ground up a bit, you cant have some ground and some not. Practice with filters too, much better smoke in my opinion. Its all in the thumbs man. Its just takes practice, after like 10 rolls you'll have your own technique.
  17. Just buy an entire pack of papers, sit down one night and go through the entire thing rolling joints. Roll one, rip it open, roll another one. Over and over. It helps a lot, you'll become a decent roller in an hour or two.

    Also try licking your thumbs ever so slightly so that it provides more traction when you're pinching the paper.

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