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Tips for joints

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Fauxness, May 25, 2010.

  1. Are there any tips that you can put on joints like the ones that are on the ends of black & milds?
  2. you can take a long piece of thin cardboard and roll it up. keep it rolled up tight and put it in the lip end of your joint and then let it expand so it keeps itself in the joint.
  3. No, try this.
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  5. I agree with Peter Griffin. I always roll up a piece of thing cardboard (enough to fill up the mouth piece end). It keeps the mouthpiece from getting wet and closing, as well as giving great rips from the airflow.
  6. Yeah bro, cardboard is the way to go. Just make sure it's thin enough. I usually actually use like movie ticket stubs, or the empty gum pack material, since they're both so thin and bendy.
  7. I always just rip up the zig zag book and use that. Haha... Or the cardboard from an air freshener.

  8. since when is there cardboard in an air freshener???





    is there??
  9. Just get a flexible tacky like paper (ex. a paperback book cover, gum case, etc...) and roll it into a cylinder like shape. Then insert it into one end of the joint, its also called a "roach"
  10. These are actually pretty fresh and I might even consider one...
  11. I Bought a smoking stone a while ago so that you can smoke a joint without a crutch down to the end, I didn't use it so I gave it away. I prefer using a paper crutch(I have a book of filter tips)
  12. i used to use notecards ...thin, small, get job done...but now i can just uses the rolling paper and roll a filter with that
  13. I use lined paper :p Actually works perfectly
  14. also keep some business cards in wallet its the best for a filter
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    you put a filter in your joint?!

    edit: i'm not sure if he meant roach or like you get at the end of cigarettes...

  16. He means Roach, we call them Filters here and a roach is if you don't have a filter in and it's the end of the Joint with a bitta pot in it. Either way, same thing :smoke:

    I was wondering though, could you use one of those filters from a cig or something?
  17. my bad i think i just read something wrong so answered different..but anyway if you try like a cigarette filter, its easier to empty out a cigarette (keeping the filter and the paper that hold the tobacco in tact)...and then refill it with herb or both herb and tobacco so it more of a spliff)
  18. Tobacco is disgusting IMO and dangerous. Do not use a cotton filter(the kind found in cigarettes) on joints. I and others are talking about a strip of paper(almost like an index card) that is just rolled up and acts as a mouthpiece so the end doesn't get nasty and close up, it makes it easier to hold, cools down the smoke a bit, and you can smoke it to the very end. In headshops or stores that sell tobacco products and papers may sell a small booklet of these filter tips, you just rip off one strip and roll it up. Some people put it in before they start rolling and others insert it after it's been rolled up.
  19. or if you smoke black and milds you could take the tip from one of those when you're down with it and put your joint in the end of that.

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