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tips for a t-break

Discussion in 'General' started by andthereitgoes, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. im quitting for the new year atleast until the summer cause i wanna be like a virgin toker again and then only smoke occasionally instead of mostly daily. I also wanna do my semester completely sober, this semester i was high for like 90 percent of the semester but still got a's and b's so i wanna see how i do if im sober for it all lol. so yeah any tips to get it off my mind ik i can quit ive quit for a month before but yeah happy new years guys =]

    what tips you guys got to get it off the mind untill i dont really think about smoking anymore.
  2. Do stuff. Anything.
  3. Will power, just remember why you quit im the first place and stay true. I myself am quitting smoking and drinking for 2013 so far so good. But hell, I'll still be on this pot forum :)
  4. Don't smoke marijuana and I think that's the only thing. Just don't buy any and I think your problem is solved.
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  5. I'm also cutting off my marijuana habits but will be back at it in two and a half weeks, I'm still growing and saving my money till I can smoke again then I'll buy a half O of mids and be high for the next week
  6. I'm gonna try to quit after today until 4/20.
  7. watch a shitload of weed videos, gets my mind on it so my body can stay off it or study MariJ learn how to plant while you're waiting, then when your t-break is over you will have more weed and you'll learn a new skill.
  8. fuck i just wanna smoke lol but i got this

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