Tips for a Newbie in Berlin

Discussion in 'General' started by SenorMeeseeks, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. Hey all, just moved to Berlin and have really been loving the city. One thing that has been a challenge is finding good weed. I spent sometime looking around here on the forums, and in other places, and kept seeing that the main places to go are Gorlitzer or Hasenheide Park. So I gave these a shot and man, they were just sketchy - bad quality, high prices, and ran into some bud that had been sprayed with something.

    I am not stupid or desparate enough to start looking on Craigslist but need some advice on finding a good hook-up with decent weed. I would love to have a better idea of the type of weed / strains that I am buying and to pick ones that work best for me (hybrids with a leaning to indica like blue dream or girl scout to help with some anxiety issues) instead of some random schwag in a bag.

    Any fellow Berlin weed enthusiasts who can give me some tips on how to approach my search? Thanks all!
  2. Welcome to City ,

    You shall NEVER find weed online. That is extremely dangerous on todays world. it is dangerous both for you and the dealer. The best choice for you is to ask your friends , that is always the safest bet imo.
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  3. For sure, I have been "around the block" a few times so know how true this is. Been working on trying to get to know some folk here to find those who may be herb friendly but as a newbie it is taking some time - and long work hours don't help!
  4. Take a day trip to it back to you.

    Enjoy Berln..lucky bugger- nice spot. Black Forrest has nice mushrooms..hehe
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  5. Yes, I do feel quite lucky to be here.

    I am not sure how my risk averse personality would do with mailing myself weed but a day trip to Amsterdam sounds like a good idea.

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