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tips for a large buy?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jizzum, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. Me and one of my buddys are splitting a pound of some decent mids brick for 250 a piece, 500 total. Its coming from one of his family's friend that crashes there alot. I met him once, we went to a party together and got blazed along with everyone else there. we kicked it the next day with a few others at the mall aswell.
    Anyways does that seem like a decent deal?
    And any tips from you pros about things to do, so as not to get ripped off or caught?

  2. fuck dude a pound?

    an oz here is $250
  3. same here... thats a good ass deal
  4. I would deff get a scale and weigh it out if your buying a pound, A pound is 453 grams. It sounds like some shitty weed for the price, but it sells.
    Also dont drive around with that much weight in a car
  5. What are you gonna do with a pound (or half a pound as it were)? I assume you plan on selling otherwise that would dry out before you could smoke it all.

    IDK, I've never bought more than a quad personally. But I've never been a dealer either.
  6. either your buddy's friend is VERY generous or it's some crap ass schwag. lol.
  7. Prices vary an awful lot from region to region, and even city to city. Sounds pretty good though, just make sure you're getting something worthwhile. Hell, for $500 I wouldn't give a shit if it was mexican brick.
  8. Your getting a pound for $500, you tell me if your getting ripped off.

    If your getting that much and don't know if that's a deal or not, than this pound is about to blow a few minds.

  9. were not here to piss in his cheerioes...bring a scale weigh that out..dont drive with it..have alot of fun with it :smoke:
  10. yeah like i said its a family friend of my buddy, one of my best friends, and he even said he was giving him a hell of a good deal. said its some ktown which i smoke alot of and gets you prtty high, mostly indica. I like it. and mostly smoke it all before i move into my buddys house and start growing some shit :) maybe sell a couple zips for 120 or so to make the money back and get some buying money :) just depends on how good-bad the quality is.

    oh and anything i said about dealing is ficticious.. yada yada :p
  11. price isnt always the deciding factor. my ************ grows and he sold me 2g for 10$

    my ****** also sells me an oz of great mids for 40. If its a steal and the wieght looks about right i say DO IT
  12. oh and to immortalgopher, he really isnt that generous of a guy, but the only way he can afford it is if he splits it with me so i guess i'm lucky to have poor friends who wanna deal:smoke:
  13. 500... damn

    gimme some of that
  14. Dude a lb. for 500? Thats a steal mexican brick or not...just like everyone else said. Weigh it, dont drive with it, but most of all make sure it doesnt have any weird shit in it. Ive heard of bricks with pennies and shit in them to give them weight, but its from your trusted buddy so you should be good. Just be careful I guess!
  15. Some tips:
    Definitely go with some friends.
    Bring a scale.
    Go from your house, straight there, and straight back.
    Stay calm, dont get cocky or aggressive.
    If something doesn't work out, be cool about it, tell him no worries, keep the DEALER calm.
    Overall, use your instincts, if something doesnt seem right then pull out (but be cordial about it)
  16. yeah i planned on bringing a friend along with my other friend. I mean I've met the guy before he's prtty chill, but you never know about some people

  17. this. been robbed, it's no fun.
  18. I have a few tips for you.

    1. See the product BEFORE you give any kind of money.
    2. A pound is about 2 huge zip lock bags, make sure you know what your getting.
    3. Get it and go straight home.

    Do not get in the car with that much bud and expect to go smoke somewhere and buy food or w.e u want to do.. Go straight the fuck home bro.
  19. I'm sure it's all for personal use... right?

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