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Tip Your Pizza Guy!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Stoopid, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. It's common mannerism. You tip people that bring food to your place so that you don't have to go get it. $3 won't hurt you, I swear.
  2. I agree, I used to deliver. Once I got a $92 tip for an $8 pie!
  3. Yes!!! I agree. Most places only pay their drivers minimum wage plus a little bit for gas per delivery. The pizza deliverers rely on those tips.

    Plus, they bring it to you! It's not like the cost of that convenience is figured in to the price of the pizza.
  4. I always tip.. The amount depnds on the warmth and time of the pizza..
  5. 9 times out of 10 the time isn't our fault. It's usually those fucktards in the store letting pizza's fall on the ground and having to remake them 10 times.
  6. Yea tipping is good.. where I work.. I work for tips, I certainly don't get paid enough to live off of.
  7. yeah i think everyone should tip. i've never gave my pizza guy less than $5. a friend of mine is a pizza guy, if you don't tip him he will never bring you anything on time again. a lot of the pizza guys around here control most of the weed coming into my area. i know that for a fact.
  8. I make it a point of mine to always tip generously because I know that people in those positions don't get paid well, and rely on tips.

    I gots your backs.

  9. must of that that bill only had 1 zero haha.. his loss
  10. i always tip, but where i live only one place delivers and thats the curry house, mmmmm curry, i want it to be tomorrow night so i can have one lol, to full for anything now.
  11. always always always mostly because 90% of the pizza workers around this city are potheads. one place's boss doesnt like to hire people who arent potheads.

  12. Na actually this girl had a $100 bill and I didn't have enough to break it(although I did have like $50, and she knew this) and her friend told her to let me keep the change and she did. I was like "okay, thanks a lot!" and I got out of there asap before she could change her mind. $100 medium pizza for her, hahaha.

  13. But if it has been a while and the pizza is cold, it's usually the drivers fault..

    I've got a couple friends that make the pizzas for me.. The give extra so I don't mind tipping good if the pizza is warm!
  14. I always tip at LEAST 20%, sometimes 25% or 30%.

    I had a friend who delivered for Dominos, and she (yes, she) said every delivery person knows who the big tippers are, and they fight over who gets to take them.

    But more than that, I just like tipping big for hard, thankless jobs like delivering pizza, where 90% of the people you deliver to don't answer the door, let their dog jump on you, are rude to you, etc. But yeah, long live pizza delivery!
  15. I usually pay about $11 for pizza, and I usually give them 15 and let them keep the change. Those guys really do rely on tips.

  16. same here, as my curry tonite was £10.50 i always give at least 15 if its over £10

    thats rite pounds im british!!!! lol
  17. My friend used to deliver pizzas. He spent all his tip money on weed (usually a dub a night), and his paycheck on the big quantities. He would just drive around and hot box. He told me that once, someone just handed him a bong and let him smoke outside for a tip.
  18. I always tip. How could you not? These guys brave terrible weather and driving conditions to bring you your piping hot pizza within a 40 minute time window.

    Tip em generously, dammit! They're doing YOUR hard work.
  19. always have always do..:)
  20. A pizza guy came the other day...I was pretty high, and he was like deaf..all of em are around here for some reason..then I realized when i was sober that I tipped him shit...I felt pretty bad, I'll tip extra next time.

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