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  2. Any tips on transplanting to bigger 30 gallon or ????
  3. i would get a mate to help you repot it mate ,thats if you have some one you can trust ,,plant that big may need two of you ,,you dont want to break any stems or damage the root ball ,,,,failing that you could keep it in the pot and dont transplant ,,,mac,
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  4. How big do you think she will get and how many weeks u think she has left I'm kinda clueless lol
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  5. I'd let it finish as is. To likely to hurt her trying to transplant at this point. It's only got 3 weeks or so left to veg. Should start to flower early August and finish by Halloween or a bit before.

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  6. it could double its size if mainly Indica or even up to triple its size if theres sativa in the plant ,,mac,,
  7. Thanks ive got some bloom booster just not sure when to start using it lol I'll attach picture

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