tip for me and other that want to know

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  1. Ok I have been looking thought other threads and I haven't really found what I'm looking for

    I'm going to start a outdoor grow and I want to get the most out of my plant weight/potency

    I have been looking and it seems the scrog with topping or fiming is the best way to get<O:p
    but no one give a detailed description of how to do this
    Please help me and others who want to know <O:p</O:p
  2. hey bro, DONT SCROG. It brings alot of unwanted attention to the grow. Plus any time you grow outdoors you will produce a high yield. Make sure you choose a strain suitable for outdoor growing and you will be fine. Try looking a seriouse seed bank, kc brains, and nirvana seeds. All great potency and extremley high yields(about 1 lb of bud to 3lbs of bud.) Just make sure thay are in a well lit area and the ground is healthy(grass is growing no weeds stuff like that). Plus scrog is growing indoors not out,also sog is indoor . Still dont sog either
  3. thank science

    but wat about topping or fiming
  4. bro, topping is a great way to increase your yield. Instead of having 1 main cola you will have about 3-8 more of the same size. Fimming or the FIM technique is also a way of topping. FIM stands for ''fuck I missed.'' What you do for the FIM technique is to take some fingernail clippers and cut off about3/4 off the top of the little bud looking thing at the top of the plant. But one major thing to know is that not all strains react to topping very well. You must do a little research on the strain you are growing or it can have a reverse effect and seroiusly compromise your plants yield. hope that helped out.

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