Tiny Plants - 1 - 2 Month Old Flowering

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  1. hello heres te problem, I bought three blue treacle seeds from a reptuable company. as i was getting one out the package it sprung and flicked into the garden somewhere lolz
    probably grown by now. But I planted the other to, they were in pots at first but as they got to a maturer age I put them in the ground open soil.

    They didnt get much bigger just more leaves, and I put the plant in open soil, where it get's a lot of sun, my plants are autflower btw. They been in the ground for like
    since june or early july and there like the image below but like 3 levels of main leaves, with kind of little ones growing to. in the middle of each cola there are pistils
    and like the trichomes so I think it's flowering, but it's only like 2 - 3 inch tall and quite tiny, will it actually flower okay, and do u think ill get like 0.1 gram lol
    and also why did this happen to BOTH plants.. Before putting in soil they were still growing small in the pot for there age.

    Image of similiar looking plant :
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