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  1. Hey guys i have found tiny green dots on one of my plants, is there anyone who can tell me what it is and how to solve it

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  2. Have you looked under the leaves yet to see if there's anything under them like spider mites?
    If not look to leafhoppers. Leafhoppers can leave marks look similar to that in general there on top of the leaf I like that.
  3. Thank you!
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  4. Yea i looked under em and didnt notice anything
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  5. Did you spray your plants with anything?
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  6. No not at all, only been watering and putting them out in the sun as required
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  7. After investigation and you don't or didn't find any spider mites on the plant.
    You could spray with neem or other organic or non organic insecticides. Or you could do nothing.
    You could make a neem seed meal tea and use it in the ground to feed your plant.

    I don't believe it's spider mites.
    If you didn't find anything.
    I'm believe you got leafhoppers common name of the them.

    If You make up some insect frass tea it will stop them they don't like it and eventually if you continue feeding insect frass tea and neem seed meal tea to your plants. They will become saturated with the tea. The bugs they won't bother them plants at all ever again. No Bugs will.

    But you can opt out for the more conventional way and easy way that a lot of Growers do just buy a commercial insecticide and spray the shit out of your plants and deal with the outcome later on when you destroy your flavors.
    But that's Growers choice.

    Good luck and happy growing.

    If you're interested in those organic methods you can Google them and YouTube those methods. They are all over the YouTube
    Growing Your Greens with John and also YouTube making up insecticide teas.
    There's lots of them on there even vinegar is a good one.

    I sent you a few places you can look.
    I'm not good with sending links I'm sorry old school lol these will help you find your way easier I guess if you're looking to be organic at all.
    Good luck my friend[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  8. My friend, you will make yourself crazy if you worry about every little speck, dot, or discoloration on your plant. You can love your plants to death.

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  9. So I run 100% organic.
    It may be chasing every little yellow dot Isn't needed. ?

    Every good Growers should be very aware of their plants and what they're doing every 3 day's and at the least every single week.
    If you would have a problem and some can get out of control over just a few days. Spider mites can really decimate a crop quickly and ruin it. A single female spider mite can lay a million eggs in its lifetime.
    Powdery mildew can mess up a crop big-time.
    Bud Rot will destroy your buds from the inside out if you are not Vigilant and don't know what to look for.
    There are a ton of things that can ruin a crop in 2 or 3 or 4 days.

    So being on your game is up most important to any good grower no matter what anybody else says.
    Study everything that I sent you and look for more when you grow outside you are at Mother Nature's will.
    Good luck bro I'm out[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  10. Thank you sir!
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  11. I mean i just wanna make sure its normal or not normal since its my first time growing haha

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