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Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by dirty_stilts, Jun 6, 2013.

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    Hi everyone, i've been thinking about maybe making myself a tincture soon, i'm kinda just hearing of these and thought it'd be a really cool thing to try. I tried researching some of this on my own but the majority of threads i've seen include using crockpots and etc. to heat the mixture, and i'm kinda just looking for a no heat method (I heard you could just put it in a mason jar and let it sit for a while?). Also, i'm not really sure if i should use alcohol or glycerin as a method of extraction. If someone could post a recipe or a link to a recipe for a no heat tincture it'd be great. I have like a quarter of abv and was planning on using that. Thanks in advance guys!  :smoking: 

    I recommend a Dragon tincture made with Everclear 190 proof grain alcohol and is a good use of your abv. Here's a link to a process that uses a freezer and not heat. Dragon Lite. And here is the specific guide for the ABV tincture:)
  3. Thanks for the info man, I would think freezing the mixture would slow down the process though? I'll have to go check those links out.
    Actually, just the opposite is true.  :)
  5. Hey sam, thanks for the quick response. Does the mixture have to be put in the freezer or is there a way i could just leave it in a cool, dark spot for a few days? Also, i was kinda leaning towards the Glycerin method at first because i had heard you could use it sublingually, but just going through the first few pages of this tincture thread you made i see you aren't too fond of the glycerin method haha. Could i just put a few drops of the GD under my tongue and wait for it to hit me that way? Oh and I'm pretty sure that everclear 190 is illegal in Florida, any other recommendations if i do decide to go the GD route? 
  6. I recommend PSam and his tincture.  I made several batches and have had success each time.  
    This week I even made a secondary transfer and made oil from GD.
    I baked the oil into some blondies (choch chip cookie dough baked as a cake)
    The cakes worked great.  the oil was clean and very usable.  Still has some weed taste, but much more edible than firecrackers.
    Bottom line read the tincture lite thread start to finish than start on reading the main thread, 
    If you follow the instructions you will be successful.   
    Good Luck
  7. For a decent and potent tincture, I highly recommend the freezer. Just setting it in a dark, cool spot for a few days won't work that well. It would take a month or more to get the same potency. You're right about the glycerin. I'm not very fond of it for recreational purposes. It's great for pain, though, and I do try to keep some on hand, but if you're looking for recreational use then there are better choices, of which the GD is one. You can use it sublingually though it might burn a bit but it takes effect immediately. As far as the alcohol, 151 doesn't make as good a product unless you're using kief or hash, but if you have kief, you can make an excellent and potent tincture and there is a guide in each of my threads. However you decide to go, good luck.  :)
  8. Thanks alot sam, i'm not sure when i'll try this but i'll be sure to get back on here and let you guys know how it goes when i do.  :hippie:

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