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tin foil?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mrsofficer9, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. so...what's the big deal with tin foil? i understand it has chemicals in it. but what do you do when you have a fat sack of some dank, a lighter, and the desire to get high...yet you don't have a piece? i have a piece now, but when i first started smoking foil was what my friends and i always smoked out of. i haven't dropped over dead yet. is it really THAT bad? or is it just a personal preference?
  2. its whatever works for you,,its not good for you,but i doubt it will kill you
    toke up,,ive smoked on a foil pipe many,many times
    i have a piece and papers,but id still smoke out of foil if its all i had
  3. Just use it. All that hype about it being soooo bad isn't really all that true. Enjoy the herrrb.
  4. It is bad for you, but if you do it only on occasions it's not going to do too much harm (if your melting the tin then yeah imagine that on your lungs.) Repeated use has been proven to lead to Alzheimer and damages the cilia in your lungs more rapidly.
  5. Naw man, tin foil gives you Alzheimers or something. That's like smoking out of wood or plastic. Like don't smoke something that's gonna burn with the weed, unless it's an apple!
  6. tin foil rarely exists anymore, you're probably talking aluminum foil
    either way, both are 100% pure, and contain no chemicals whatsoever. Both are also metals and have boiling points well up near 5000 F. You have absolutely nothing to worry about using tin or aluminum foil

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