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Tin foil pipe dangers?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Meltd0wn, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. I have everything I need to smoke except for a pipe. I was originally going to use a soda can pipe, but then I heard that those really dont work well, so I created one out of tinfoil. My question is, are there any dangers to using a tin foil/aluminum foil pipe? if yes then are there any good working pipes I can create that I havnt heard of before?

    Thanks alot.
  2. "As evidence for other causes continues to grow, a possible link with aluminium seems increasingly unlikely."

    Alzheimers Society
  3. I used to make some kick ass foil pipes...I dont remember shit

  4. Ok thanks I was gettin worried that i was going to have to smoke out of a soda can or some other weird shit.

    and thanks for the link too.
  5. a soda can is a lot safer for your health than aluminum foil and will probably leave less taste. yes i know their both aluminum but the soda can is much thicker hence when it gets hot its less likely to put unwanted things in your lungs.

    imo use neither. find a nice size socket then make yourself a pipe or bong or gravity bong or waterfall. much better than an aluminum foil pipe or soda can.

  6. Well I've never used either, so I wasn't really sure how each one worked. I may consider creating a bong myself or seeing if I can buy something when I have a bit more money.
  7. Fuckin AIDS man, fuckin AIDS
  8. Aluminum no matter how thin will not oxidize under the heat of a lighter (unless its a jet lighter), soda cans on the other hand are covered in ink which im sure can't be good for your lungs.
  9. Huh? :poke:
  10. Well if you cook your food wrapped in it at 300+ degrees then i dont see a problem for short term use. but invest in some glass or something, trust me their worth it.
  11. that shit gives you aids, trust me
  12. Dude aids is transferred through bodily fluids not metals....unless it has the blood of someone else.

  13. Well thanks man Ill make sure not to let anyone bleed on my pipe...
  14. Are you trying to tell me aluminum isn't a bodily fluid?

  15. but the aluminum in aluminum foil isnt from other people's bodies right? so then it couldnt have AIDS in it.
  16. If its straight from the foil roll box thing then no.
  17. fuck aluminum foil, and fun cans. Just get a nice glass piece or roll a blunt dont smoke outta that crackhead shit
  18. are you guys fuckin retarded :eek:
  19. Where else would aluminum come from dude? Duh :cool:

  20. no I'm not really worried about getting AIDS or anything from using aluminum once. My question was already answered, Im just havin fun now.

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