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tin foil bad?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IluvRootBeer, Nov 20, 2002.

  1. we couldnt find any papers or bowls to smoke out of so my brother made a foiley real quick but i refused to hit it remembering what info i got from here

    got that off another forum but is it true canuse ive smoked with them and i didnt really notice anything
  2. Yeah very true, your probably not gonna die but you should rerally try to avoid it.
  3. i've heard numerous times tin foil was bad for ya, but i've never heard why. maybe someone could help me out a little?
  4. Hehe, I can't wait till Namron jumps on this thread. He'll explain in great detail that

  5. Come on Namron!! Educate this guy about the evils of the devil tin foil!!
  6. Sounds like it's time for an exorcism!!
  7. Quick! i'll get the exorcism cross!

    *runs to church and steals cross*

    lets get to exorcisin!
  8. I've got the biskits!! Let's rid this boy of his devil ways!!
    back in the day, when i was smoking harder drugs, i used a tin foil pipe and it totally fucked my lungs up, cause once the foil starts to melt and you inhale those fumes, well... its not good.
  10. This is why Norm is on a crusade to outlaw tin foil!!
  11. yeah, we need to educate fellow newbie smokers on this.

    that could be the catch phase for the campain.
  12. And no one wants boiling lungs!! TIN FOIL IS THE DEVIL!!! Need we say more?!?
  13. ...umm, dont eat yellow snow....
  14. You bring up a good point.... And don't use yellow snow in the bong either!!
  15. from what i have HEARD, aluminum foil and aluminum in general is believed to contribute to Altzimers disease. I have absolutely nothing to back that up with tho.
  16. I've read some studies and you're are correct good sir.
  17. in case of emergency, use paper from a book, heh.
  18. Put a pack of zig zags in your wallet!! Or any type of rice paper will do!
  19. damn! i wish i would read this shit earlier i have tried that like 15 times because we had nothing else to use.. maybe more.. i didnt know it wasnt good for ya

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